Nanjing Day 2

Continued from Nanjing Day 1.

Gmail has stopped working completely, even on my phone app. No emails for the rest of the stay in China.

We only have today as our sightseeing day here in Nanjing, so we are going to make it count. Just from being out and about yesterday, we think we like Nanjing. It has a big little city feel to it.

That’s not a rainwater drain, it’s a bathroom sink.

Our subway stop is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Not too bad I guess.

Broken escalator…I know I said that I wouldn’t complain anymore after Huangshan stairs, but my legs are still sore. Ouch ouch ouch ouch.

Only two subway lines right now here in Nanjing, so no crazy complicated transfers.

We are now at the base of Purple Mountain. We are here to visit Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s mausoleum. He’s the revolutionary who ended imperial rule in China and is known as the father of modern China.

The subway got us to the surface, and it was not very well marked on where we are supposed to go. Our hotel said that there’s a shuttle that can take us up the mountain when we get off the subway.

This seems to be the way.


Cheap! Only 5 yuan a person to ride to the mausoleum.

This is where we got dropped off. Now we walk.

Souvenir shops means we must be going the right direction.

They used to charge a fee to go visit, but not anymore.

We see it now!! This is kind of exciting.

Reached the first gate.

Now…time for the climb to the mausoleum. I read that there are close to 400 steps here…

This is actually a piece of cake compared to Huangshan. Barely broke a sweat.

Spectacular view from the top. You can see Nanjing towards the top right of the photo. The air quality in China sucks major ass. It’s been brownish grey and smoggy everywhere we’ve gone.

Inside the mausoleum. Notice the Taiwanese Republic of China flag on top. You used to be able to go in the back room to see the actual sarcophagus, but they’ve stopped allowing visitors there, so this is all we got to see.

Alright, time to head down. Again, a breeze.

The women in China wear ridiculous tall heels everywhere. Even on Huangshan, we see women wear heels.

Taking our faux train back down the mountain.

Now back on the subway.

The subway uses Windows for their ad displays. Wonder if it’s a pirated copy?

Our next destination. The longest name ever.

This museum is a lot more modern than I had expected.

An indicator of things to come.

We too had to give up our water bottle.

Warning, graphical images ahead!

The museum is built on top of actual mass burial sites such as this one.

Ah propaganda.


When the Japanese surrendered.

Republic of China flag is in here. Also known as the Taiwanese flag.

That was a very heavy and sad museum. We both felt like we did after visiting S21 museum in Phnom Penh.

Well, now we need some food to cure the heaviness in our hearts.

This is where area where the two subway lines intersect.

Naturally it’s a busy area filled with malls.

We came into this fancy mall, but the food was all too expensive for our taste.

Finally found a cheaper curry restaurant.

Yum! Japanese style curry…kind of ironic that we are eating this right after seeing all the atrocious things that the Japanese did to the Chinese.

We told them that they misspelled two words here. Seriously, enough people speak English here in China that they shouldn’t have so many terrible translations or misspelled words.

After lunch, it was back to our hotel. Dropped by the milk tea/fried chicken place to get a snack again. Yum.

Laundry time! Our hotel has free washer and dryer for the guests to use on both the 3rd and 6th floor. They were both occupied last night, but both are free this afternoon. Time for us to do our entire load, for free! Score!!

The dryer is sized way too small relative to the size of the washer. We could only fit half of our clothes in the dryer, and the rest we had to dry the old school way in our room.

Hours of blogging and doing our laundry goes by. It’s now time to find a bite to eat.

According to my research, there is a mall and Walmart, yes a Walmart, within walking distance of our hotel.

Found, after a long boring walk.

The Walmart is in the basement. We are actually kind of excited to see what Walmart in China is like.

Inside the Walmart, and it just looks like a bunch of independent shops….eh, what?

Ah, this is more like it. It’s a Super Walmart with groceries.

Low Prices Everyday, she says! Walmart here in China feels very similar to Walmart in America, other then the items caterings towards Chinese.

After the Walmart tour, we came up to find an acrobat doing a show in the mall.

Food court, next to an ice rink.

Dinner spot. Some Thai food, it’s been a while.

KL, Singha Man.

Mango sticky rice. Didn’t look like the photo from the menu, but still tasted good.

Pork neck, yum.

More anatomically correct restroom sign. The woman is shorter than the man.

The ubiquitous H&M and Uniqlo. Ever present in every mall.

Took a different route home, just as boring, and slightly more unsafe. For strange unknown idiotic reasons, most moped riders here in China do not turn on their headlights when riding at night. On top of that, they are electric, so you can’t hear one that’s about to pass you by. Seriously, use your fucking lights so that other people can see you. Idiots!

We’ve reached an area where we didn’t quite know how to get through…perhaps this is the way.

Terrible walk. Now we are walking on the side of a highway with some wimpy railing to protect us.

Ahhh, finally back to where our subway station is at. Now we know the rest of the way home. Despite the terrible walks tonight, we are both a fan of Nanjing.

Heading to Shanghai tomorrow, so doing some logistics of how to get to our hotel in Shanghai. According to Bing, central Shanghai has just 3 streets….nice. Seriously, China, stop censoring everything!!! Fuck you!

To be continued at Shanghai Day 1 Part 1.

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