Berlin Day 6 Part 1

Continued from Berlin Day 5.

Last day in Berlin. Yes, I am happy. Berlin has been getting better everyday, but I am ready to move on.

Outside our hotel room window. Berlin doesn’t want me to leave. Look at this fucking amazing weather. When was the last time you saw sky that blue?

It’s still fucking cold.

At a cafe getting morning coffee. Today is Easter Sunday so most shops are closed today.

Nice shop, but slow ass service. We ended up leaving because it was taking way too long. We were on the way to this outdoor market that SO suggested. It’s around 10:30 and knowing how long it takes to travel across Berlin, it’ll probably be close to noon before we make it to the market.

We match, but are opposites. High Five! Low Five! Chest Bump!

Chocolate croissant. The best.

The empty streets with the closed shops.

Even the metro is on a reduced schedule and took a while longer to show up. By a while longer, I meant like 10 minutes instead of 2 minutes.

Bear with metro map.

Waiting to connect to another train. Where is the train? Chirp chirp chirp…

Well, I guess the train isn’t coming. We’ll have to go walk to the bus station and find the replacement bus. I am not mad at Berlin, I’ve accepted Berlin.

Here comes the bus!

The bus dropped us off Prenzlauer Berg area.

I was told by SO that this is some sort of outdoor market/flea market. Sure, sounds good to me. What else am I going to do in Berlin on East Sunday anyway?

There are the tents. They are situated inside a large park, Mauer Park. This area used to be no man’s land between sections of the Berlin Wall.

Lots of people. It was cramped, but it was oh, so orderly. Had this been in India, chaos would have been everywhere. All my senses would have been assaulted nonstop.

Smorgasbord of shops here.

Power tools. Really? People come here to buy used power tools?

Representin’ your subway line.

Who the fuck buys needles and thread here?

Oh wait, I do. I need to fix the tear in my backpack before I fly back to Austin. Good thing SO is a fashion designer, because it means she can sew!

A poster with that cool hipster moped. Man, that specific moped is so in with the hipster crowd right now.

That’s a lot of premade sandwiches.

I thought about buying this hoodie because I actually love Kreuzberg. I love Kreuzberg, but I hate Berlin. It was 25 Euros, so I decided against it. Plus, I’ve got no room left in my backpack.

Sweet cutting tool!

Parallel to the tents, I kept on seeing a wall up on top of the hill. It was covered in graffiti, so I wanted to go check it out.

So nice out here. The weather warmed up and it isn’t so cold.

Oh…it’s another section of the Berlin Wall! Cool.

Ah, so nice. SO says that on a nice summer day, this entire hill is just filled with people sitting and chilling. I love Prenzlauer Berg!

It’s so nice up here, had to sit down and enjoy the sun a little.

We heard music, so we moved towards it.

Four piece band playing, busking, with a large gathering. Great music, I’ve got a video of it. The best part was this little kid in the blue jacket who was dancing up a storm to the music. I love Berlin…Sheeee, No one heard me say that though….

That was great! Just chilling out and taking in the city, culture, and the people on a lazy Sunday. Mauer Park literally means Wall Park.

Back to Bonanza Coffee. I had to come here again before leaving Berlin. This place touched me, plus, it was just down the street from Mauer Park.

It’s really packed today, and rightfully so. It’s awesome.

For me, everything in here just works.

Flat White. The foam is microfoam and is smoother than a cappuccino. Meh, whatever, I just wanted to try something new. If you want to sound like you know what you are doing in a fancy cafe, order flat white.

Til next time Bonanza. I tried before I died.

Happy, especially after my visit to Bonanza(behind me). Today, I love Berlin. Again, you didn’t hear me say that.

Oh, anarchists, you sound so cool and scary in your pink graffiti.

Errr, yes. How could I refuse.

There is a God after all!

Time to leave Prenzlauer Berg via tram.

Ticket machine on the tram. Love Germany.

To be continued at Berlin Day 6 Part 2.

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