Siem Reap Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Siem Reap Day 1.

Woke up this morning. There are mosquitoes in our room. Ugh!! Fuckers. We killed two last night, but then woke up to find more this morning. Where and how are they getting in!!!??

Internet is really slow here this morning. Not happy.

RL managed to kill another mosquito. Our strategy has been to turn off all lights in the bedroom, and lure the mosquitoes into the bright bathroom where all the walls are white and we can easily see them. Then we attack attack attack! This tactic has worked well since Thailand.

A big hearty breakfast, got a lot planned for this morning. Not sure if lunch will happen until later in the day.

Prices are expensive here. $15 to hire a tuk tuk to take us to Angkor Wat for the day. At least there are two of us, so double bang for the buck.

Happy, energetic, dry, and cool.

Our driver puts on a helmet at the streets where police patrol for helmet usage.

Ticket booth. We could buy one week, 3 days, or single day.

We opted for the single day, and they even take a photo of us and print onto the ticket. This is to prevent people from selling their multi day tickets to second hand users.

Heading to Angkor Wat. This whole area is nice and forested.

The moat of Angkor Wat.

Spotted the entrance.

Our tuk tuk drops us off here, and here he will wait until we return. He suggested 1 to 2 hours to visit.

Causeway to cross the moat.

Our big heads cover up everything.

It’s really hot by now. There’s 80% chance of rain today, so we brought along umbrellas that the hotel lent us.

Even inside here, they’ve got a whole row of shops.

Mrs. L, an Asian tourist. No rain yet, but we started using the umbrella has a parasol it’s so hot.

The business end.


Essentially every single surface is carved stone. Each wall depicts some epic story, usually of some epic battle. The Angkorians were warring people. Even though this is a Buddhist temple, almost all the stone carvings are of wars.

Kill kill kill!

The business end.

Right boob.

KL points.

KL points.

KL points some more. This is what happens when RL gets the camera, she gets photos of me pointing at things.

Fight fight fight!

Hahaha, I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself make this face before.

Through all out the maze like passageways, there are stairs to go up and down the thresholds. So much climbing up and down.

These are very violent people

Churning of the Sea of Milk. Google it, it’s an odd story, too much to explain here. Not that I understand what it really means anyway.

Random carved stone pillars just thrown around weathering away on the ground.

Finally made it all the way from one end to the other end.

An old man and his walking stick.

It says no touching the stone carvings!!

HAK, short for asshole.

Ugh, more stairs.

Ugh, even more stairs! These stairs lead up to the actual Buddhist temple I believe. Apparently, this whole complex used to be a Hindu temple.

Don’t be pregnant.

We had to borrow a pair of pants from the attire police to cover up RL’s shorts.

Punishment for her disrespect, hideous pants!!

These steps are pretty steep.

She looks like a clown. Even my grandma wouldn’t wear this print.

For such a giant temple, there isn’t many Buddha statues at the center of the temple. This is it, about the same size as me. For some reason…I feel like Angkor Wat is more about the Angkorian Empire than about Buddha.

That’s a long walk back out.

Down we go, it’s so hot.

A few other statues here, but that’s about it.

Architecturally imposing, violent stone carvings, and probably religiously not too devout.

Onwards to other sites and ruins. Angkor Wat is the most famous ruin here, but there are plenty of other ones in the area. It took us about an hour and a half just to see Angkor Wat, and we are the types to blaze through sites too.

Tons of shops and vendors all pitching the same items. How do they make money?

Heading into Angkor Thom, an ancient city North and similar to Angkor Wat.


Reached another ruin. This is Prasat Bayon.

This one is under a lot of renovation.

I am really starting to feel the heat now. My shirt is drenched. But I guess this is better than it pouring rain.

Stop staring at my butt. When RL gets the camera, she either gets photos of me pointing, or photos of my butt.

Look at all them faces!

Looking up one of the pointy domes.

There’s a little Buddha statue here.

Buddha is powered by a motorcycle battery.

Hot, and I am not talking about the heat.

More stairs.

Goodbye temple with lots of faces.

Onwards to another ruin.

To be continued at Siem Reap Day 2 Part 2.

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