Osaka Day 3 Part 1

Continued from Osaka Day 2.

US vs. Portugal happens this morning at 7am. We set our alarm so that we could wake up and watch it in our hotel room. Halfway through the game….we went back to sleep. When we woke up, it was 11:00am and the game had ended with a 2-2 tie…Meh.

Time to head out to the subway. All the salaryman of Osaka going about their work day. So many Japanese working men wear suits and almost all wear white dress shirts.

There’s a grocery store right by our hotel that was under renovation, but it finally opened up today. Spam Nigiri, only in Japan.

Today is our last day in Osaka, and since we spent most of yesterday staying in, we’ll need to fit a couple of sights in today.


Those are some really robust flats on RL. She’s wore those shoes all over different countries, and they keep on ticking.

Here…there’s no English. There is, however, a little picture of a whale shark.

That’s one tall bridge.

Up ahead of Osaka Aquarium!!

I love aquariums!!

Tickets, no line. Awesome.


The way this aquarium works is that we start from the very top and route will take us all the way back down.

I love aquariums!

The aquarium is situated right next to the ocean.

Sleeping otter.

Giant Japanese salamander. It’s like 3 feet long.

Ohhh, didn’t expect this here.

And here’s Monterey Bay, a floating wood platform!!

Just kidding, there are seals and other stuff.

That’s one gnarly looking fish.



RL imitating penguins.

Is it me, or does that diver look like a monster amongst the penguins?

This is the main center large tank. Love the funny school of fish that swim in a circle with their mouths wide open. Occasionally, they’d close them and you’d see them, nom nom nom!

RL doing more of her imitations.

Me imitating a ray swimming.

Cool, squid!

Squid eggs. We ate some of these in Bangkok. Man, Bangkok feels like ages ago.

I believe these two were doing some sort of mating dance. They swam in a pair like this for much of the time.

Hey girl, what you up to? Can I get yo number? Maybe we’d go out and skinny dip together, yeah?

Then…finally, it happened. RL pointed down on the bottom of the tank and there’s a MOLA MOLA!!!!! AAAAHHHHH, it’s a Sunfish!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! I’ve wanted to see a sunfish for so long, but so few aquariums keeps them. Last change I had was at Monterey Aquarium, but they weren’t getting displayed when I visited.


AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! LOL!!!! They are such clumsy swimmers. These are just babies, they get huge as an adult, like 10 feet long.

They’ve got clear vinyl encasing this tank, which I later found out is to prevent the Mola Molas from rubbing themselves on the glass.

They do have a human quality to their faces. This one seems to be following me around and looking back at me.

My favorite part of the exhibit for sure. Love them.  These are baby mola molas though.  They can get HUGE!!

Not as cool as a mola mola.

These fish must be Tibetan. They swam clockwise nonstop around this rock like they are circumambulating Patala Palace.

Divers teasing the baby in the stroller.

I want one.

Fugu lamps.

Sea turtle prosthetic limbs.

KL points.

KL think about how much he loves mola molas.

Holy shit!!! Look at the size of those king crabs!!!

RL thinking about how delicious they would taste.

Oh my god, this one is even bigger!!! The body is like the size of RL’s head and their pincher arms are longer than RL’s arms.

The biggest one of them all sat in the back and stared at a wall the whole time. I want to eat it so badly!!

Not sure what these crabs are called, but I call them yoga crabs since they have their hind legs bent back and up towards their heads.

Look at that creepy thing!

I wonder what this shrimp tastes like?

Now, down to the jellyfish section.

Here are some tiny jellies.

Pretty cool eh.

KL points at genital.

Now all you notice are their genitals!!! Hahahahaha!!!


To be continued at Osaka Day 3 Part 2.

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