Yangshuo Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Yangshuo Day 2 Part 1.

Then as we were about to leave the area, it started raining, then it started pouring! I guess the weather finally caught up to us.

We took out our raincoats and waited under the roof of a gift shop next to our moped. We will try to wait this rain out. The rain here seems to be a stop and go ordeal.

This rooster is also seeking shelter from the rain. Fortunately for us, the rain didn’t last too long, and after about maybe 20 minutes, we were on our way again.

Look at that small electric car! It’s even smaller than a Smart Car. Speaking of electric vehicles, almost all mopeds here are electric. I guess China is trying hard to curb air pollution.

Hahaha. RL’s view for most of the ride. I don’t know why this looks so funny.

More rafts. All along the ride, touts would come up to us and ask if we want to ride on a raft. No thanks.

A group of cyclists. They are probably going to ride up along the river, then take a bamboo raft down the river. I am so glad we are on a moped instead of a bike right now.

That looks…safe.

Heading towards Moon Hill.

There’s Moon Hill. I think you can climb up to it…but seems like a lot of effort.

Alright, I think it’s time to go back to our hotel. We’ve been riding around for about 3 hours already and our scooter is starting to run low on battery. And also, we’ve seen about everything we wanted to see today.

Many people also rent tandem bikes around here.

Pretty cool to have an umbrella for your motorcycle.

Under full throttle, the battery meter on our moped would dip all the way down to empty…eek. Range anxiety.

Me and my noble steed, made it back with still plenty of go. I am glad it did not buck me off today. We also really lucked out with the weather. The only time it downpoured, we had a roof over our heads to wait it out. Then for the rest of the ride, it was just inconsequential small sprinkles for short amounts of time.

Now time for lunch! Starving. We skipped breakfast this morning and it’s 2 in the afternoon now.

German beer!

Except their food doesn’t look appetizing…so we left without ordering anything.

Went across the street.

German beer!

And of course, it starts raining outside.

Portrait series.

German food with German beer! Hit the spot, or maybe I am just really hungry.


OK, time to head home for nap…but really to watch Game of Thrones!

Hours of Games of Thrones later, it’s time for dinner. I think we may also go out for some drinks after dinner.

Almost all the Chinese food restaurants in town here have a dish called Beer Fish. It’s supposed to be a famous local dish. Our hotel said that this place is the most popular place to eat Beer Fish.

Everyone is out and about tonight. KFC at the end of the street.

Photos taken from the same spot as the previous photo, but just turned 90 degrees. Apparently, KFC does a lot of business here.

Well, if we are going to eat Beer Fish, might as well go with the restaurant that’s the most popular one. In fact, this restaurant is so popular that there are probably 5 separate locations here in Yangshuo, with some just a few doors down from another.

Nice to sit outside, but must sit under the tarp. The weather here in China is much more agreeable than in all the previous countries. I would say in the 80s or so, but still also humid.

Picked out the fish.

Charged by weight. This dish is REALLY expensive. I think it was something like $45 dollars!!!! Ugh, what a rip off…but we had to try it.

You wash the cups with hot water to sanitize it. That yellow bottle is a local rice wine.

RL took a sip of the rice wine straight from the bottle, and almost gagged. Then we looked on the side, and noticed the 53% alcohol per volume. Oops.

The Beer Fish shows up. Pretty good, but not sure if it was worth the price that we paid for it. I think this is our most expensive meal so far on this trip. Still getting sticker shock from China.

After dinner, we walked around the busy West Street, which is the main drag here. We are looking for a place to grab a drink.

All the food stalls are out tonight.

Gaddafi is kind of a weird odd choice to paint…

It is crowded here tonight!! It’s Saturday night and everyone is out and about…but surprisingly enough, all the bars aren’t too crowded. Maybe it’s too early for that.

They also have the fish eating the skin off of your feet thing here.

We were looking for a spot to grab a drink when we crossed this bridge into this quiet area and heard a loud group of people. They are literally the only group of people you can hear on this entire street. It seems to be coming from this direction…

Found them. These are the rowdiest group of drinkers in this entire city. In fact, they are the only group of rowdy drinker that we saw…feels like home. RSC RSC RSC!!! I think we should sit by them.

And were they in a mood to drink. Toasts every minute and keeping the rounds coming. That’s what I am talking about.

Our view, pretty nice.


I wish we could have our rowdy friends from Austin here drinking with us. I miss them.

Then, they started looking over at our direction(we were literally the only two tables out here), and we started looking over and toasting with them. Shortly, one guy came over and started talking to us. Then one thing led to another.

Drink drink drink!! They are all here for their annual company trip from Shanghai. In the group there are Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese nationals.

This Japanese guy really loves to drink. He’s holding 4 gin and tonics…all for himself.

We told them that we are on our honeymoon, so they all started ordering more drinks for us. Then they started singing love songs in unison for us. It was awesome and hilarious!

Then they made us hook arms and drink, because that’s what newly weds are supposed to do. First KH made it legally official, then we became Facebook official, and now we are beer drinking official. Guess that really means we are officially married.

Then they toasted us about a million more times and order more rounds for everyone. Everyone was very drunk, and we went from sober to drunk in less than an hour. When it came time to pay, our drinking buddies ended up picking up our tab as a wedding gift for us. Very nice of them!

To cap off the night, the bar manager(a Brit) offered us all free shots. But since half of the party had already left, those left had to take two shots each…This is not going to end well.

Shots in celebration of our marriage!!

RL cheats on her second shot and gives half away. Cheater!!

What a fun night of drinking with strangers who became our drinking buddies for the night. A quintessential traveling experience, and a first for RL. She had a blast, as did I. Traveling is about these spur of the moment experiences, and it’s even better than ever now that RL is here enjoying them with me!

Time to walk home, drink lots of water and pass out. What a great day!

To be continued at Yangshuo Day 3 & Guilin.

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