Shanghai Day 1 part 2

Continued from Shanghai Day 1 Part 1.

We’ve arrived in Xintiandi(New World). This is supposed to be a posh area of the city.

Found our dim sum restaurant.

In keeping with our tradition in China, we ordered two orders of the shrimp dumplings, but only one came out.

Shark fin soup.

Murderer. RL eating shark fin for the first time. Sharks have feelings, but salmon and tunas don’t…or so it seems.

There are not many independent coffee cafes here in China other than chains. It’s nice to find a quaint little spot like this.

Today is Saturday, and we are thinking we should go out partying tonight in Shanghai. The baristas here suggested that we go out around The Bund. Cool, that’s right by our hotel.

Projected clock.

We didn’t spend too much time exploring Xintiandi, since we are trying to save up our energy for tonight.

PDA is everywhere in China, especially in the bigger cities. This couple made out for 4 long subway stops, nonstop. Seriously, get a room.

Took a different subway station to get back to our hotel.

This route is a bit shorter than the E Nanjing Station, but the walk is not as fun.

Alright, almost back. This building looks so sinister compared to all the other ones here.

Alright!!! Time to head out! This bridge is right by our hotel, and crossing this short bridge gets us to The Bund.

Beautiful, probably because you can’t see the grey sky.

There are even more people walking around here at night than during the day.

First stop is the Jazz Bar in the Peace Hotel. Supposedly, the average members of the band is around 80 years old and they’ve been playing here nightly forever and ever.

This is quite the swanky place, there’s a 200 yuan per person minimum. We are finding out that Shanghai is quite expensive, so the fun tonight will not come cheaply.

It is pretty kick ass in here though!!

Old Fashioned seems like a good drink here.

Round two!

Then some snacks/dinner.

The band was good, but at times they definitely show their age. Still, a very much enjoyable and unique experience. We also got just about the best service here out of anywhere we’ve been in China…Then again, this is also the most expensive spot we’ve visited in China.

Alright, hydrate with some beer, then we’ve got to get a move on before we break the bank in here.

Hordes and hordes of people out tonight!

Reminds me of my dog when he yawns. I miss him.

OH MY GOD LADY!! What are you doing??!!!! (Then I realized that she was just touching his other hind leg….still)

A few blocks down, found our next bar. This one is situated on top of a hostel.

On the 7th floor roof top.

The reason why we came here. One of the cheapest place to get a drink while enjoying the view.

Cheap by The Bund standards, so still very expensive. And seriously, why would you pay the same price for a Sol as you do for a Heineken?

We got really lucky and immediately snatched a table right by the edge. This is turning out to be a spectacular night out.


RL makes friends with the table of three Korean girls sitting adjacent to us. They all live and work here in China. One of the girl can speak Korean, Chinese and English. Impressive.

There was a table of annoying rude Chinese men sitting by us. They kept on crowding their chairs into all the other tables. Then I struck up a conversation with one of them, after noticing that he’s got a RX1, the big daddy version of my camera. First time for me to see one…He immediately got less irritating to me. His friends are still terrible though.

A few drinks at the roof top bar, and now it’s time to move on again. We are getting drunk now…

Forgot the occasion, but RL captured this photo of me as I was screaming “SSSHHHIIIEEETTTT!!!”.

Lots of money in this city, and they have no problem flaunting it over here.

OK, according to my researched, there should be a basement bar right around here…

We came to this dead end, and there is what seems to be a security vault…I guess this is not it then. We asked the security upstairs, and he mentioned that the bar had closed 4 years ago. UGH!! I hate how it’s impossible to get any sort of correct information here in China since half of the internet sites don’t work. Super annoyed.

Now, we find a bar the old school way, by walking around.

As we were walking around, this random Westerner guy comes up to us and starts chatting us up. He says that we are both beautiful and that we’ll make beautiful babies. Duh! Then he offers to buy us a drink and shows off his American passport that says “Diplomatic Passport” on it. Then he suggests that we take a taxi to a bar about 10 minutes away for a drink. He also shows us a Texas drivers license after finding out that we are from Texas, and says that he has it for tax reasons. Obviously…scammer. We had read about this exact scam online actually. You end up going to a bar and he’ll disappear and you’ll end up with an expensive bar bill.

We politely refuse to go drinking with him. But right before we part ways, thinking quick on her feet, RL asks him to take a photo with her. A wonder wife who knows that her husband would love to have a photo of the scammer for the blog!! Heh. Also, since we had a picture of him, it made he more willing to part ways with us.

We walked and saw this local brewery. This will work just fine.

This place was pretty empty. Clubs are the spots to be at this hour apparently.


Cheers! RL’s tiramisu drink.

Sharapova. French Open still on TV.

We had a couple of drinks at the brewery, and now it’s time to move on. We are both drunk now, but we thought that maybe we’ll peek our heads in at this club called Bund 18 that everyone keeps telling us about.

Walked by a security guy who smacked a guy waiting at the bus stop with his hat….WTF? China is a weird place.

This club is famous that there is even a song written about it.

You need to take an elevator to get up there, and there’s a crowd. Screw that! We are drunk, we should probably go home and pass out.

Feelings really good about our fun night out in Shanghai. It’s been a while since we’ve gone out partying. The best part is that our hotel is within a short nice walk from the bars.

All the lights get turned off before midnight.

Time to pass out. Hopefully tomorrow we won’t feel like shit.

To be continued at Shanghai Day 2.

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