Belfast Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Belfast Day 2 Part 1.

Now that we are done with our bus tour, time to walk to that weekend market for some lunch.

Found the market.

This looks very promising.

Sorry for all the blurry photos…

Found the restroom on the map…and it’s on the other side where we just walked from.

They’ve even got live music, but not Irish music.

RL got some curry.

I got a Moroccan wrap.

Hmmmm….Moroccan burrito!

It’s not wrapped as well as a Chipotle though. It fell apart instantly.

Afterwards, we took a quick stroll through the market. They’ve got all sorts of stuff here, anywhere from fresh seafood to apparel.

After filling our stomachs, it’s time to take a nap. It’s tiring sitting on a tour bus freezing your ass off.

The bar right next to our hotel, Filthy McNastys. LOL!

That nap wasn’t nearly long enough. I blogged then slept for just 10 minutes…but must go out and check out an Irish bar that the Belfast locals recommended last night.

Our guide on the bus said that this was the world’s most bombed hotel, and it’s true. According to Wiki, it was bombed some 28 times during The Troubles. It was targeted repeatedly because the journalists stayed here and they knew they would get press coverage if they bombed it….Seriously, how did this place stay open after being bomb more than just once? 28 fucking times? Why in their right mind would keep staying there or working there? The fact that it kept on operating after being bombed so many times blew me away(no pun intended).

Found! Kelly’s Cellars, one of the oldest bar here in Belfast. Established 1720…Dang!

To think that people have been getting drunk in here for almost 300 years is kind of amazing. The bar is filled with mostly older men.

Apparently they’ve got a dress code.

When in Rome.


And the reason why this place was so highly recommended, live Irish music. No idea if these were musicians playing a gig, or just patrons who come and play music here. Either way, they were really good.

More and more musicians join in. I would guess that it’s just patrons who come here to play music together.

Obviously, they are Nationalist over here at this bar.

By the time we left, the ensemble had grown to 6 people. Pretty awesome!!

Heading next door for seafood….and nope, that’s not gonna work. The next table is not for another 3 hours.

Red box, heh.

Heading towards cathedral quarter. Locals tell us that’s where all the hip bars are at.

Found the cathedral.

I saw it first!!

Dinner spot, no reservations needed at the second floor of the restaurant. We had actually tried several more restaurants after the seafood place, but everything had a really really long wait. I guess everyone in Belfast makes reservations for dinner on Saturday nights.

The first floor serves fancier food.

The more empty “street food” scene on the second floor.

Free water!!!! Love free water!!

I am eating gumbo in Belfast, heh. It was pretty good though.

This place reminds me of Bangers in Austin.

JB and her big banger.

Done with food, time to look for a pub in the cathedral quarter.

Getting warmer.

I think this is the place to be.

It’s hopping in here, but it reminds me of Austin. It feels like a regular bar, but just Irish themed. There are a lot more people our age here, unlike the more traditional Irish bars.

His night is probably done.

We didn’t stay too late, got to get back in the car and drive all day tomorrow.

RL looks funny with her different colored inner hoodie on.

Joy’s Entry…heh.

This is it, just one bar in the middle of a narrow walkway.

The city hall lit up at night. There’s a lot of pink around the city to celebrate some sort of Italian bike race that’s themed pink.

He was playing Waves of the Danube. Naturally, playing next to the atm machines, smart.

To be continued at Derry Part 1.

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