Shanghai Day 3

Continued from Shanghai Day 2.

We feel like there isn’t that many must see sights here in Shanghai. This city feels more like a good place to live than a place to visit.

Another day with the light scattered everywhere and no blue sky. All day long, my camera would have trouble with this scattered light. Many of the photos from the day time ended up being overexposed, and this is after manually setting the camera 1/3 stop faster.

Our subway map and the perilously steep escalators(obviously, not to scale).

We didn’t have the heart to tell him.

A couple of stops and we are inside the Old City of Shanghai. Doesn’t look quite old anymore now. There used to be a city wall that ringed this area. When the Western powers carved up Shanghai back in the day, this was the area was reserved for the Chinese.

Reminds me of my dog. This time, no random lady came by to fondle it.

Illegally parked, and with a parking ticket. Asshole.

Reached the bazaar by Yuyuan Garden.


This lady took the cake on hair style. She has a mullet with a perm.

Green tea with Oreo blizzard. The. Best. Thing. Ever.!!

The famous bridge here with all the kinks in it.

It’s around lunch time. We think it may be a good idea to go visit the garden while everyone is at lunch. Hopefully the crowd will be smaller. This traditional Chinese garden was first conceived in 1559!

Seems like we made a good decision. Not too crowded right now.

Me imitating that little animal or insect on the mosaic.

According to RL, I am also part of the garden exhibit.

Yes, that too is what I call my restroom.

Love moss.

Garden is huge, over 5 acres. It’s like a maze in here.

They were teasing the fish with bread.

I feel fat.

I feel mischievous.

Looking over the fence of the garden. Ah, the modern city all around it.

Done with the garden, and back to the zig zag bridge right outside of it. There’s a tea house in the middle of the bridge.

Right before this was taken, this man(grandpa of the girl?) lifted this girl over the trashcan with her pants down so she could pee in it…Seriously?? We are in the middle of a mall, there are restrooms here!

Did not pee in a trashcan.

As mentioned earlier, it’s lunch time. There are several places here serving traditional Shanghai fare. This place will do.

Our haul. Place was crowded so we shared a table with two little old Chinese ladies. The crab was actually crab shell stuffed with krab, which was kind of diappointing. The purple blob is actually purple sweet potatoes! We couldn’t finish all of our food, so we offered some food to the two ladies sitting by us. They asked why we had ordered so much if we couldn’t eat it all….errr…because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs?? Then after that, I felt like they silently judged us for being wasteful. With that said, the food was cheaper than we had expected for such a touristy area. We paid I think around $18.

After lunch, we spent about an hour, looking at the shops around here trying to buy souvenirs for families and friends.

On our walk home from the subway. This street is wet, but it did not rain. I feel like random streets get washed randomly here in China.

A man and his horse…or at least it seems that way by the way he wears that jockey helmet.

Our hotel has pictures and info boards all over the hallways. It’s a very storied place.

An afternoon of napping, blogging, etc. it’s time to head out again. Ugh, such a long walk to the subway station. Note that it’s the night time, and none of the mopeds have their lights turned on.

We do like how Shanghai subways do not seem to get as filled up as Beijing.

Back in the Yuyuan area. We’ll be going up to the roof top of the Renaissance Hotel later tonight. But first, a bite to eat.

Once again, back to the shops surrounding Yuyuan.

RL still craves sushi. We walked by this place earlier today, so decided to come back for dinner.

It was just ok, but hey, feeding two for $15, can’t expect too much.

Quite nice out here at night.

Oh nooooo!!! Some lady dropped all of her fresh dumplings.

As we were leaving the shopping area, we walked behind these two ladies. They looked Russian, had really short skin tight dresses, and literally 8 inch heels. No one was dressed remotely like them anywhere over here…Can I get a shout out for, “Prostitutes!”?

At the hotel lobby, now up to the top floor. I suck at taking photos today.

Roof top bar.

This is the place!

Time for some swing dancing in Shanghai!!

Beginners lesson is still going on, so I guess I’ll warm up over here.

Mesmerized by that suggestive dance photo.

Pretty amazing views here on the roof top!!

Our hotel is somewhere far in the center of this photo.

RL’s fancy green drink.

Dancing starts. As expected, Shanghai has a much bigger swing dance scene than Beijing.

They even have a live band tonight. The singer sounded like an Asian Michael Buble. He was incredible…this band was actually probably better than the 80 years old jazz band we heard two nights ago..Oh youth!

After the beginners left, there are exactly one Asian lead left, me. All the leads are white guys, and all the follows are Asian girls.

RL urged me to ask this girl to dance, because she had dance shoes on and no one had asked her to dance after a few songs. She ended up being a pretty good dance partner.

RL dances with the instructor who taught the beginners lesson. He was a phenomenal dancer from LA, and his style matched very well with RL’s style. RL was drunk…though, I think that contributed to her dancing, since she just went with the flow.

Not too much dancing for us though. While the band was excellent, they played a lot of bluesy jazz, and mostly were too slow for my dancing style. Still fun to check out the dance scene here in Shanghai in a venue with a great view.

Our cheap taxi ride home! The subways had stopped by 10:30pm, so we took a taxi home. The taxi was 18 yuan vs. 6 yuan(for both of us) for the subway. What a great deal!

Tomorrow could be a tiring day again due to the drinking tonight.

To be continued at Shanghai Day 4.

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