Venice Day 1 Part 2

Continued from Venice Day 1 Part 1.

After a short break in the hotel, we wanted to get some gelatos before packing in for the night.

Rialto Bridge at night.

Venice at night from the Rialto Bridge. Almost all the stores are closed and a lot less people. Not a big night time party city at all.

Supposedly one of the best gelato place in town.

Overfilled my cone, so I got a cup to hold it all together. It actually was pretty fucking good.

Best friends from 5th grade. Can you tell?

Walked by a store selling intricate wood floors.

Same store. Can you guess who they are marketing to?

Neon green cookies, anyone?

Time to get some more food for later in the night for in the middle of travel diary writing.

Catfish salad. Get it? Like tuna salad.

Venice at night from Rialto Bridge. Time to blog like a madman and then go to bed.

To be continued at Venice Day 2 Part 1.

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