Tokyo Day 2

Continued from Tokyo Day 1.

Woke up today to rain, oh, and no hangover!!

It was raining kind of hard, and we have leaky umbrellas so we put on our waterproof jackets and also brought our umbrellas.

OK, let’s try a new entrance to Shinjuku station.

We are looking for lunch. There are tons of malls around here, there’s gotta be a food court somewhere here.

This whole area underground is like a giant maze. It took us forever to just find this escalator to take us to one of the upper floors to the food court.

Ugh!!! They are all sitting on stools outside because every restaurant has a long line…Screw this, we’ll just eat later.

Managed to find our way back into the actual train station.

Heading across town to Asakusa.

RL is getting upset with me for taking photos of her on the train. As I was sitting across from her taking photos, this other lady sitting just a few seats from me gave me a confused and disgusted look. I guess she didn’t know that we are together…

Now, we transfer from train to subway.

Easy breezy.

It’s raining, but not too hard. These jackets are a terrible idea today. It’s humid and hot, in the low 80s out here. Sweating up a storm.

Still looking for lunch…but no luck yet.

The Kaminarimon(Thunder Gate) that leads up to Sensoji temple. There are a lot of tourists here, and it’s quite crowded. People are also very aggressive with their umbrellas…by people, I mean mainly Chinese tourists. They are everywhere here, again, being their rude self. Sometimes I feel bad for spewing out so much general hate for Chinese tourists…but, really, every time someone bumps into us, or almost jabs our eyes out with an umbrella, it’s always a Chinese tourist.

It’s hot, we had to take off our jackets and just use our umbrellas. It’s crowded, I just want to get out of here. I am getting hangry.

OK, been there done that, let’s get out of here.

Tokyo Skytree.

On the way out from the side of the temple, we see a parking lot full of tour buses…no wonder there are so many aggressive tourists here.

Escaped to this quiet side street.

Is it me or does that look like a child coming out of a vagina? Hah.

Why is there a water bottle in here, and are those small eels?

One of the very few monks that we’ve seen in Japan. As many temples as they have here in Japan, there are not many monks.

OK, found this place to eat. Hungry, let’s do this!

Is it me, or does that look amazing? You can be jealous, it was amazing. It was only like $8 for one of these bowls!!!




Ahhh, after that satisfying meal, it’s time for some cold sweets.

Green tea gelato. This was actually the best green tea ice cream(yes, I know gelato isn’t ice cream) that we’ve had. It was amazing!

Back on the subway…damn, should have gotten more gelato. It was soooo good!!

Interesting escalator. It goes up, then flattens out, then goes up again.

A street of shops.

Holy shit!! $50 for a single durian. I don’t remember how much durians were back in SE Asia, but they must have been cheap because everyone, including the poor, ate them.

Mangosteen!!!! $5 for 6 little ones. Sigh, I miss SE Asia.

Still craving ice cream. Green tea ice cream at a green tea shop, gotta try this.

Good, but still bested by the green tea gelato.

All sorts of different teas here. I know nothing about teas.

Fish eggs.

Mugwort eh.

Then out of no where, there were a few golf shops.

At the end, there was a giant Uniqlo.

Had to check out this giant Uniqlo.

This is a very familiar view for husbands and boyfriends–the floor in front of the bench just outside the fitting room.

OK, we are heading back. We are done for the day. We’ve got a lot of time here in Tokyo, so we are trying to slow things down and not do too much each day.

Back to Shinjuku station. Let’s see if we can figure out a way to stay underground and take the exit closest to our hotel.

Not sure what’s going on there…but there are three nude women.

Shit!!! Not gonna lie, both RL and I combined together, we are pretty good at finding our way. But despite our best efforts to find our exit, we somehow ended up on the other side of the tracks. I think there are exit numbers for the subway line, and exit numbers for the train station, and many of those numbers overlap. Oh…and there’s also the exit numbers for the ‘other’ subway line…and the ‘other’ train companies.

Found another giant Uniqlo here.

OK, that’s Kabukicho, so now we are getting close to our hotel.

Just add an “a”.

Japanese Only. Japan is pretty fucking awesome, but it can also be pretty fucking discriminatory.

Kabukicho during the day time.

Went back to the hotel and caught up on blogging and what not until dinner time. It’s still raining.

We went into the basement of a nearby mall to stay out of the rain and to find some food.

Not really restaurants here, but just a bunch of booths that sells really expensive dessert and snack gift boxes.

I wonder how many people eat prosciutto without knowing that they are eating slices of uncooked aged pork leg and that it starts out looking like this.

Since we couldn’t find anything in the basement of the mall, we were forced to come back up to the street to look for something to eat…I mean…there are literally thousands of places to eat around here, we are just being picky. We now run into the issue of having way too many choices, so we can’t decide.

Look at the size of the Uniqlo. RL loves Uniqlo.

Wait…I like Kirin beers. Let’s go eat here.

15 minute wait.  Well, a wait means a lot of other people want to eat here so that’s a good sign.

Isn’t it funny how Budweiser is more expensive than most beers here because it’s an import.

RL has been on a fish and chips kick lately.

Ah, delicious Japanese beef.

Half and half. Good stuff.

Who knew, Kirin also brews cider. Here it’s spelled “cidre”.

We really enjoyed our time here, especially since we are sitting inside dry while it’s still raining outside. It’s a crowded pub and we were the only foreigners here. The Japanese guy and girl who sat next to us on the bar seemed like they were on their first date, so we spent all night observing to see if the guy was making progress. He’s a shoe in.

OK, got our stomachs filled with food and some beer, time to head back.

But not before RL came to a screeching halt by this crepe shop.

Cheesecake and ice cream inside the crepe, genius!! and also very, very good!

To be continued at Tokyo Day 3.

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