Amsterdam Day 1 Part 2

Continued from Amsterdam Day 1 Part 1.

Amsterdam Royal Palace.

Can you take the rainbow, and put it in your pocket? No! Such is Mango!

New Church.

Dam Square.

Another one of those tiny cars.

By the same artist who made the Wall Street Bull.

Of course, I took a photo of the business end. Couple of other pedestrians saw me take this photo and laughed.

You always know when you walk by a “Coffee Shop” due to the strong stench of weed. Even just walking around the city, you are constantly walking through clouds of it.

Getting close to the famous red light district of Amsterdam.

Doner Kebabs!!!!

And there’s another one right across the street from the previous one.

Red light district one block ahead.

Here it is!!! None of the window girls are out yet, it’s too early for that I think.

From the same bridge above, the other side is just a residential area. In fact, above many of the whorehouses, there are just normal flats.

Gross, a used and discarded mattress in the red light district…

One of the many head shops in Amsterdam.

We kind of want to see the red light district with more activity, so we decided to grab a drink somewhere close by so we could wait for the night time activities to start.

We walked and walked and walked around, trying to find this bar that we saw earlier. We are getting tired of walking now.

It’s so bright in there!

All those red lights are whorehouses. The building to the right is the Old Church of Amsterdam, it sits in the middle of the red light district with the girls in the windows(of this section) facing it. Those two worlds coexist on opposite sides of the same street.

This is a chain of coffee shop here in Amsterdam.

Condom shop.

Found the bar, finally!!! We literally walked around for 20 minutes in a relatively small area trying to find this bar again.

We slowly enjoyed our drink while sitting at a table. Then a really drunk and dumb American girl came in with 3 guys and sat down at the bar behind us. All the three guys were all trying to out do one another to see who can go home with the easy American girl tonight. Sigh.

Lots of these stores with street display windows. Hand blown glass…you don’t say…

This is on a street side window display. Europeans don’t mind boobs as much as Americans.

OK, it’s dark now, time to check out the red light district again.

Lots more people now and some of the windows have girls in them now. There are signs over the windows saying not to take photos of the girls. There was an older tourist lady who took a photo of one of the girls inside the window, and the girl opened the window, came out and yelled at her for a good 10 seconds. Ouch. So, the girls were dressed skimpily, but all vital parts were still covered. Think small bikinis.

Whorehouse on bottom, regular apartment on top.

OK, that was that, time to go back to our hotel and call it a night. We’ve walked around for quite a while now and our legs are tired. Our legs have been in a constant state of stiffness since walking around so much in Munich.

Then out of no where, the GPS on my phone stops working for no reason. Shit!! I guess we’ll have to go back to old school reading the map to navigate.

Why won’t you work GPS??? WHY!!!!

All along the right hand side are the flower shops that are closed for the day.

This one is still open. This being Amsterdam, of course they have lots of tulips.

The canals are very beautiful at night.

More head shop with their many soon to be banned synthetic highs.

Cool, vending machine for fast food!

Enough Said! For them pot munchies.

Made it back to our hotel. It’s been a long day, we are beat!!

To be continued at Amsterdam Day 2 Part 1.

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