Mexico City Day 6 Part 2

Continued from Mexico City Day 6 Part 1.

This gives an indication on the timeline for the wedding. It’s an all night party. RT has talked up a big game about weddings in Mexico City, so I am really excited.

I get down to the shuttles at 6:30ish and no one is here.

The shuttle barely gets filled up. Hmmm…I hope other people just decided to go by taxi instead of taking the shuttle. JM and BM thought that the wedding started an hour earlier, but I told them of the shuttle pickup schedule. They decided to show up early via taxi from their house. We shall see…I hope I am not going to be late.

The church, which is a 5 minutes ride from my hotel.

Traffic jam of cars getting into the church. The wedding is supposed to have 400-500 guests.

Another view of the church. Our shuttle had to make an U turn because we were blocking the street due to the traffic jam going into the church lot.

Made it here.

Everyone is dressed to impress. Dress code of dinner suits and gowns.

Beautiful modern church!!

View from our seat. Ceremony was, of course, given in Spanish, so I didn’t understand what was going on. The whole ceremony took a little over an hour. There was a live choir, which was pretty sweet.

Tied the knot!!! Congrats RT and ET!!!!

By the way, this is a high society wedding. People here are about the same height as people from the US. Almost everyone is fair skinned, of mostly Spanish descent. This crowd also contained one of the highest concentrations of beautiful women I’ve seen in my life. It seems kind of surreal actually. I feel like I am in a dream world where everything and everyone is beautiful.

Disclaimer: The women weren’t beautiful because they were fair skinned, but they were beautiful because they were just beautiful. I am not PC about so many different things, but this is not one of them. To me, hot is hot.


Back on the shuttle. In about 20 minutes, we’ve reached the reception venue, which is on the grounds of some sort of equestrian show ground.

Disclaimer: From this point on, it’ll seems like I use “shots” and “!” excessively, but it’s not due to embellishment. There were that many shots, and there were that many “!” worthy moments!!

The bride and groom arrives in this beautiful vintage vehicle(I believe it’s a Jag).

So excited!!

I am blown away by how beautiful it is!! Easily the most beautiful wedding I’ve attended.

Holy Shit!!

CG and LG made it here after putting MG, their baby, to bed. Time to party!!

View from my table.

Feels like a dream.

I am so rarely formally dressed, so I felt this desire to throw in a little flair up my sleeves, literally.

Flicker images on my cuff links.

Take it off baby! I still look formal and proper…as long as you don’t look too closely. Heh.

My mango martini. Reminds me of mango lassi with alcohol in it. I sucked those down like nobody’s business.

It’s late, I am hungry, I hope the food is coming out soon because this alcohol is going straight to my head.

Some sort of shot that pays homage to Mexican heritage. Red-sangria, white-tequila, and green-lime juice. You take sips of it from right to left.

The newlyweds come out for their first dance.

Immediately after their dance, in unison, the servers swarm out bringing food. We get table side service for all of our food and all of our alcohol.

Some sort of eggplant and bell pepper vegetable dish.

I am already getting a really good buzz by this point. All the alcohol is going straight into the blood without much food in my stomach.

I walked by the table of RT with his beautiful bride ET and got this cool photo of them.

All that alcohol without food is giving me heartburn. Good thing they’ve got this medicine tray inside the bathroom.

Damn it’s awesome here.

Our main dish of beef and asparagus. The servers bring out platters of food to you, then you serve yourself from the platter. By the time the platter made it around the table to me, it was almost empty. I made a joke that I was going to take all the rest in the platter so that there isn’t any left over for JM, who was sitting next to me, and the last person to be served. I did take it all, so he didn’t get any food…well, until a backup platter was brought out to him. In my defense, I did eat everything that I put on my plate.

We got 2 different kinds of desserts. I am not sure if there was a wedding cake as I didn’t see one or have any.

Coffee. Necessary if the party is going to go all night long.

The dancing starts. There were no speeches, no toasts, no cake cutting. None that I remember anyway. There were a few dances with family members, then the dance floor opens up for an all night dance party!!

Even the older people are getting down! Awesome!

OK, that didn’t take long. Here comes the shots. At one point earlier in the night, while having dinner, I was having doubts that it would be a fun drunken night. I was eating, and drinking slowly, which just got me tired. Well, after a few of these double shots, I just grabbed a higher gear.

Remember my new friend M from the night of the bachelor party? Yeah, he came over and started ordering shots for everyone to get the party started at our table.

Me and JM. Damn we look good!

The guy at the left is SR, our friend and one of RT’s coworker from back when RT lived in Austin. He also flew in from Austin for the wedding.

The one of the many official photographers asked us to all get together so he could get a photo. Well, I thought that I’d take a photo of him in return.

Obviously, I am already pretty drunk at this point. It’s a little bit past midnight.

Here’s me being drunk and taking a photo of CG taking a photo of us.

I hear someone yelling at me to see my nipples. What? OK.


Oh shit, who ordered more shots!!

The dancing is still going strong. Had this been an US wedding, the crowded would have started to thin out already. The dancing would have slowed down. Nope, not here. On top of the everything the DJ was badass and played the best songs. He started out mostly with American songs that we all know. Some classic funk music, and of course, Michael Jackson got thrown into the mix.

You take a sip of grapefruit juice, hold it in your mouth, take the shot, swallow, and then chase it with the grape fruit juice. There was a name for this, but I forgot. It was smooth though.

Must be really drunk to be doing The Heisman. Yeah, I know my head is turned the wrong way.

Dance dance dance!


So my friend KR asked me to pinch JM in the neck. I must have been drunk when I read his message, because he had actually said punch. Well, here’s a photo of me pinching JM…KR, I was unable to get a photo of a vomiting JM. I tried, but was unsuccessful.

They started passing out these ballet shoes for girls with high heels to change into.

Shots!! The guy on the right was mentioned to me during the night of the bachelor party. His name is C, and he’s a javelin champion. He has a reputation of getting out of control crazy as he starts drinking. Wait, why did RT want me to meet a guy who gets out of control crazy when he’s drunk. It’s an open bar…shit…

F on the left side, another one of my new friends who I met the night of the bachelor party. You know, the guy who was my manager who was going to go 12 shots head to head with me. Well, I went up to him tonight and said that we are still short 3 shots from the other night. He said that tonight, we start anew. The countdown starts over at 0. We do 12 shots tonight.

They start bringing out snacks to fuel our tired drunken bodies.

F orders us more shots. I think with M and F in the proximity, the shots never stop arriving.

What! Even more shots??!!! those other ones just arrived.


F prepares our poison.

Shot roulette. Some of the white shots are just water while others are some sort of anise flavored liquor.

JM gets lucky, and gets a shot of water. We demand that he take another. Yet, another water. Fuck you bitch, take another shot! Good, he got a real shot this time. I guess it’s roulette until you get the bullet in the chamber.


Cheers again!

And again!

Me, RT, and some guy who I don’t know.

Believe it or not, the dance floor is still packed full. I think more than half of the people from the wedding are still here drinking and dancing.

I am too drunk by this point to remember who these people are and why I have this photo in my camera. I do know that this chick thought that it was funny to give the photo the finger.

It made me happy to find in my camera this as the following photo. In my severely intoxicated state, I still didn’t forget to return the favor. Fuck you too! Haha!

Another shot!

See, dancing floor is still packed. It’s about 2:30am.

Cheers! I seriously don’t remember taking this many shots…but photos don’t lie. This is not counting the shots that I didn’t remember to get a photo of.

What the fuck, how am I still taking shots?

OH MY GOD!!! Fuck me. The sober me right now is cringing looking at my drunken self take all these shots.

Damn, I can’t remember which glasses have water and which are vodka sodas…I guess I’ll just drink both.

Dance, I say, Dance!

Most US weddings would be over or dying down already. Nope, not here. If anything, the dancing pace picked up from earlier.

JM and BM have to catch a flight in the afternoon, roughly 12 hours from now. It’s 3am, they are bowing out. 🙁 I am really drunk, and tired. Maybe I’ll go home too…

I made it with them as far as the front door, then some switch turned back on in my head. I said goodbye to them and told them that I am headed back to the dance floor.

Groom and bride both hoisted up in the dance floor.

The next thing I knew, RT has a whole bottle of tequila and people are all lined up on the dance floor for him to pour it straight into their mouths.

M grabs my camera, and tells me to get into the fray. Oh no, I am already wasted, that’s not for me.

It didn’t take long for me to give in to peer pressure. Here I am getting a drink from the bottle poured by the groom.

This goes on for a good 5 minutes(according to my photo time stamps). I wonder if they went through more than one bottle.

RT gets hoisted up in a chair.

They are throwing him up and down.

Hahaha, I think he falls off right here.

Then he begins body surfing!!

Now it’s the bride’s turn!

All of a sudden, everything stopped. Everyone stopped dancing, and the area clears out. What’s going on?

Oh shit, I think ET(the bride) lost her jewelry(I think maybe earring?) in the madness that preceded this. Shit. Everyone stops dancing and the search effort goes on. Oh no….

RT on his knees searching for the lost jewelry.

FOUND!!! Music rolls back on, dance floor crowds, arms thrown in the air, lungs grasping for life and to yell in celebration.

When did these glow sticks come from?

Everything is turning into a big blur.

This venue is still amazingly beautiful.

I did not remember why I had this photo in my camera when I first saw it the next day. Then little bits of memory came back to me. I think I was looking for my waiter, and in my drunken state, I just decided to walk into the kitchen myself to find him. While in the kitchen, I started dancing and I motioned to some of the wait staff to join in. Here’s a guy who was happy to pull out a few moves! Yeah!!

Heck yeah, making friends with the kitchen staff! Now, can someone help me find M, the server for my table so that we can get more shots?

It’s late, I am tired, my feet hurt, I am drunk, I feel like throwing up. I don’t want to throw up in the restroom here, I want to go back to my hotel room, throw up in the toilet and pass out in the restroom floor. At this moment, that sounded like the best thing for me to do.

This is a fun story that I remember bits and pieces of. I came out to the front exit, where all the valets(maybe 15 of them) are hanging out waiting to fetch the cars for the guests leaving. Well, as I was out here waiting for my shuttle to take me back to the hotel, a couple of girls came out. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but they had an attitude of have sticks up their asses. So, as they were looking the other way, I did a little comical imitation of them and all the valets started cracking up. The girls would turn around, then I’d quickly stop. This went on a few times until finally the girls got in their car and left. We all had a great time!! Hahaha! Now thinking back, I wonder if the girls caught me making fun of them…perhaps they did, but I was too drunk to care.

Somehow, I think someone came and got me to go back to dancing and drinking. They are serving more food again at 4 in the morning.

I want to leave, and I stumble my way back to the exit. I am standing out there amongst a sea of valets by myself. I am talking to them in my insufficient Spanish, and they are talking to me in their insufficient English. We are still making a joke of those girls from earlier. Don’t ask me how we were communicating, but we were, because we were laughing together. Then RT came out, saw me chatting to them and said “KL, we need a photo of this. Do you know how hilarious this is with you all here by yourself and all these valets talking and laughing.”(he said something along those lines) So, here’s me, RT, and my valet friends who all shared some joke with me at some stuck up girls’ expense.

RT convinces me not to leave yet. He gets his wedding planner, who grabs me by the hand and takes me back inside and sits me down with this random girl at a random table. The wedding planner introduces me to the random girl and we start talking. The whole time, I am thinking to myself, “who is this girl, what table is this, and why am I talking to her?” She ended up being a friend of the bride’s sister’s friend…or something like that. Anyhow, we started talking and she asked me if I saw the fight that happened earlier? WWWHHHHAAATTTTT??? Where? How could I have missed it? Apparently, there was a fight between the bride’s brother and some other guy. Maybe C, the guy who gets crazy when he gets drunk? The bride’s brother’s nose got broken and the other guy got kicked out. At least that’s what I remember her telling me.

The unknown girl who told me about the fight, and some unknown guy who came over, made a funny face/hand sign, and then leaves. What a crazy night.

Back to the dance floor! I don’t know how I haven’t thrown up everywhere yet.

Errr, what! LOL!

I found brother of the bride with the broken nose(you can see the white bandage over his nose)!! He’s gonna have a good story to tell for years!! Good for him for still dancing up a storm though despite his injury!

M and I. He keeps on pushing more shots to me. I had to refuse, I am too drunk.

F and I. He also keeps pushing shots onto me, which I also refused. I am pretty sure I’ve already met the dozen shots challenge that we had going on.

Me, RT, M, and E. Partying with old friends and new friends!

Don’t remember what’s going on here but, LOL!!!

I don’t know why I have this random photo of my vest and tie, but it looked kind of cool so I am including it here.

Back to dancing. It’s almost 5 in the morning!!!!

I tip my hat to the Mexicans, they know how to party!

Alright, one last photo before I bow out. I am going to catch the last shuttle out of here, which leaves at 5. I don’t think words can explain this night. Fucking epic would be an understatement. I am glad I stayed later and got to experience the rest of the night when the partying got cranked up. The music got faster. The dancing got wilder. The never ending shots got stronger. The jokes got funnier. The girls got prettier. The world got happier.

The dance floor was still full of people dancing hard when I made my exit. I remember them switching more to Spanish songs as the night wore on. Does the music ever stop here?

Waiting for the 5am shuttle that’s running late.

Fuck it, I am tired of waiting. A few other guys who are also staying at the same hotel as me agreed to get a cab and split it. The cabbie wants 200, that’s kind of pricy. Alright, whatever, we’ll split it. I just want to go home and pass out. Lucky, staying for an extra hour somehow made me not want to vomit anymore.

About to get in the taxi to take me home. Photo representation of my world view right now.

I came back to my room, and funnily, before passing straight out, I carefully put away my tuxedo. By carefully, I meant as carefully as a really drunk man could do. After that, I put my head down on my pillow and immediately, everything went dark. I am sure I wore a big smile on my face as I slept though.

To be continued at Mexico City Day 7/Home, Sweet Home.

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