Rome Day 3 Part 1

Continued from Rome Day 2 Part 3.

Woke up at noon still drunk today. Well, that was expected. Nothing liters of water couldn’t solve.

Since I woke up so late, and I’ve been walking around nonstop these past few days, I decided to take a taxi to my first destination. I hear nothing but horror stories about taxis in Rome. All the travel guidebooks and forums advise very strongly on being careful taking taxis in Rome so you don’t get ripped off.

Well, my taxi experience was great. The car was very new, under 10,000km and my driver was very nice to me. It was also very interesting riding a taxi because I realized how few street lights there are in Rome. We went halfway across town and maybe went through 2 lights at most. Driving is pretty hectic here in Rome, it being a lot of yielding and muscling your way through traffic.

Here we go.

Piazza Navona.Need more wide angle lens.

Need to line up camera more straight.

Mummy has a gut and man-boobs. Or could be a pregnant or fat lady I guess. That’s got to be really crazy hot inside there.

Liked the color on this original Fiat 500.

Lunch spot.

Pizza, Rome style. The pizza is charged by weight.

Mushrooms pizza and broccoli and sausage pizza. Good stuff.

View during lunch. My seat was on a busy pedestrian street, so it was a lot of fun people watching. I could almost always pick out the Americans though. We just look so out of place here.

Arrived at Pantheon, after a short but very confusing walk through small winding streets from Piazza Navona.

They need to make one of these for humans so we can eat and drive at the same time while keeping both hands on the wheel.

The roof on the Pantheon overhang. Nothing much to look at.

Inside the Pantheon.


The most spectacular part of the Pantheon is the domed ceiling inside. Seriously though, after seeing St. Peter’s Basilica, all other ceilings just don’t look half as good.

Everyone’s resting their tired legs.


The exterior of the Pantheon from the side. Kind of boring to look at.


The streets here do not make any sense. They curve, then they T bone, then they split and then they open up into a plaza.

Apparently his night was rougher than mine.

Everyone’s feeling lethargic during the hot mid afternoon.

Column of Marcus Aurelius. It was completed since 193 AD. No, that’s not a typo.

Palazzo Montecitorio. The lower house of the parliament.

I was trying to take a photo of the short electric bus in the background, and by accident caught a photo of this girl while she was making a funny face.

Short buses again.

Electric car? I know I’ve seen photos of this car somewhere before.

Do you think they get 4 times more tips?

Trevi Fountain is one of the more famous sights in Rome. It was packed with people.

Cigarette? Check. Cell phone? Check. Birkenstocks? Check. Looks like a duck, so must be a true Roman soldier.

Closer view of Trevi Fountaion. It’s blasphemy, I know, but I was underwhelmed.

Yet, it was jammed packed with tourists here.

Had pizza for lunch, now I shall try another one of Italy’s exports.

Nutella gelato with Trevi Fountain serving as backdrop.

The original Fiat 500 is puny. Makes the Smart Car look big.

I wonder if they know what that means in America?

To be continued at Rome Day 3 Part 2.

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