Home, Sweet Home

Continued from SF Day 2.

Going back home today! I’m excited about not having to wash bottles after bottles in the small hotel restroom sink. I can go back to my more efficient bottle washing routine back at home. Having a baby changes your life, I can’t believe this is the thing I look forward to the most about going home.

IMG_5686This is actually the second thing I am most excited about today, the discovery of that little clear plastic soap tray.

I have this same stainless steel bathtub soap holder in my current house, except without the clear plastic tray. I knew the holder was missing a part, but couldn’t figure out what part I needed nor if the part is still available. Well, now that I’ve seen this, I know the part is still available since this hotel still uses the removable soap tray(I figured they’d have a source since the trays probably get lost or broken once in a while). With this new found knowledge in hand, a quick search on Google Images yielded the clear soap tray, and I found the part on Amazon!!! Yes, no more worries about soap falling down on my toes while I shower!

DSC08567Of course, a little rain as our send off.

DSC08568What a pain, having to lug that giant car seat(in black bag above rolling luggage) around this whole time. Can’t wait until PL gets old enough that she can just use a regular seatbelt…ohhh years from now.

DSC08569How depressing. Why doesn’t he sleep under one of the overhangs or doorways? I understand he probably gets kicked out when the businesses open up, but there are still so many closed store fronts right now since it’s so early.

DSC08571Worst idea ever—bikes for unfit tourists in the most hilly city ever.

DSC08572Goodbye Union Square. Despite staying around this area every time I come to SF, I don’t think I’ve actually walked through Union Square before.

Cafe Bellini for some expensive overpriced pastries.

DSC08574Yikes, they were expensive even for SF standards. I paid close to $20 for 3 pastries….actually, I guess that’s about right for fancy pastries at SF prices.


DSC08578My mother in law was very impressed with this Walgreens. When we first walked by this, she was like, “Wow! Look at all those fresh fruits, what’s this place?” Yup, it’s just a Walgreens…

DSC08579The line for cable car is starting to form.

DSC08580Ugh, down to the BART station. The only good thing I can say about this is that we’ve already got our return fare paid for, so I don’t have to deal with their archaic ticket machines.

DSC08581Ugh, hate the BART.

DSC08582Let me corral all of our stuff. There’s so much stuff!

DSC08584Looks crappy due to the shitty lighting in the BART station, but these berry tarts from Cafe Bellini are the BEST!!!

BART, riding it feels like stumping your bare toe into the base of an immovable furniture while running full speed. I did notice that they have new coverings for the seats on the BART since my last visit. Instead of the old urine and shit stained cloth seat covers, they now have these new plastic covers. Slight improvement, the equivalent of eating dog shit with salt and pepper on it.

Cutest thing ever.

DSC08592BH looks out at the third world country.

DSC08594The BART’s windows are so nasty that my camera keeps wanting to focus on the window instead of the third world country beyond them. The BART also makes super loud annoying squealing metallic noises whenever it tries to negotiate a turn. Pretty typical for trains, but somehow 100x louder on the BART. The regular riders know when to expect them and you see their hands go up to cover their ears before the banshee screeching starts.

DSC08596Free at last from the BART!! You know the feeling you get when you accidentally shit all over yourself in a crowded public place? Well, neither do I, but I have ridden the BART and I imagine they feel about the same.

DSC08597This Airtrain at the airport feels like a Rolls Royce after riding on the BART.

DSC08598No lines!

DSC08600Got TSA Pre Check yet again for our return tickets. Twice in a row can’t be a coincidence, they must be giving us Pre Check due to either preapproved Global Entry applications or the infant. I’ll take it!




Baby goes to sleep after a massive poop. Dad drinks a beer while carrying a sleeping baby. After the giant beer, I had to make a stop to the little boy’s room. Yes, it is possible to pee while having a sleeping baby in a front carrier. Not recommended if aiming is required…

DSC08613Time to board, ended up almost an hour behind.


Before we even take off, PL decides that it’s time for another stinky poop. Since we are still taxiing, can’t use the restroom to change her. This means we had to hold a stinky baby for 30 minutes. Terrible timing pooper!

Getting closer to being able to change diaper.

So conflicted, wanna kiss her but stinky butt.



Alright, let’s do this diaper change! It was actually a little bit easier than I thought. The fold down changing table in the tiny restroom is bigger than expected.

DSC08633Asleep, but restlessly. Despite the loud plane, she kept on getting woken up by other people talking or coughing.

Always a big hit with other passengers around us. What can I say, cutest thing ever.



DSC08645Of course, my screen crashes while all the other screens around me keeps on working.


DSC08659Passing downtown Austin. Love the setting sun from the plane.

DSC08661Back home!

DSC08663Sister in law CH arrives and picks us up, thanks! Washing baby bottles at home, here I come!!

The End.