Prague Day 3 Part 2

Continued from Prague Day 3 Part 1.

A few things about Prague before we move forward.

Prague is the land of spiders. I must have had encounters with more spiders in these past 3 days than I have in a year. If you hate spiders, don’t come to Prague during September. I hate spiders.

In Prague everything is done 95% of the way then they just fall down flat for the last 5%. For example, in our pimp ass apartment, everything is perfect, except for 5% of the things. Everything works except both of our faucets leak just a little bit. At the other apartment, there was a slight gas leak coming from a closet. At high end restaurants, everything is perfect except the menus are made out of cheap paper. We noticed things like that all over Prague. Perhaps that’s just the Czech way of doing things. Now, onward.

The plan is to head to Prague Castle then grab a nice, ie. expensive dinner afterwards.

I saw this adorable dog on the way to the castle. I miss my dog.

It’s a long uphill climb.

Saw this quaint bookstore on the way to the castle. Reminds me of Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. I miss Paris.

More climbing.

They love matte vinyl wrap over here in Europe. I think it’s way too played out already.

We’ve climbed a long way.

Almost there.

So really close now.

We are here!

Great view from the castle hill.

Prague Castle isn’t actually just one building, but rather a collection of buildings collectively making the whole castle complex.

Fierce looking statues.

Enter but beware of angry murderous people?

The trick to standing still for hours is to close your eyes. This way, you don’t see people who mess with you and try to make you laugh or smile. I did want to stand around and tell jokes though.

Birdcage? No, water well.

St. Vitus Cathedral. This is what I kept on thinking was the castle. There was a building in the way, so I couldn’t back up enough to get it all in one frame.

Is that a lobster gargoyle?!! How absurd!

This end I had enough space to fit the whole cathedral in.

Saw this car driving around Prague Castle. Blurry picture, but the car had hail damage all over. Hail happens in Prague.

More of the castle complex.

I’ve never seen such an exuberant clarinet player.

Random dachshund just running around the castle grounds.

OK, we’ve had enough. Time to walk downhill back to our hotel. The castle complex was just so so. Nothing groundbreaking here.

Yet another wedding! This is the 5th wedding I’ve seen today. It’s a Tuesday and yet there are weddings all over the city. I wonder if today is some sort of special day to have a wedding. This bride had an ugly dress. The black spots makes her look like a cow. Bad idea.

Down we go.

Saw a pharmacy on the way down from the castle. My allergies are getting really out of hand here, so I had to try to take something else for it. I need some Sudafed, I doubt they have it though.

Inside pharmacy. Of course, they didn’t have Sudafed, but instead I got something else with a label that I can’t understand. I asked my friend R who is a PA whether what I got was OK. His reply was, “Whatever, I am sure it’s OK.” Thanks for the vote of confidence R.

Can you spot the trumpet player?

Amazing view taken from our apartment window. I love our apartment.

On the way to dinner. I will continue traveling while everyone else will be ending their vacation after tonight. This means we are all going to splurge and eat a fancy meal. Not sure if it’s because they wanted to end on a high note, or to celebrate not having to be around me constantly anymore.

I think half of the city got married today.

Dinner spot.

Setting was beautiful and very romantic. The Prague Castle serves as backdrop. If you bring a date here, might as well just show up here, and instantly go back home because the deal has been closed. Yeah, it was that cool.

Looks to be some sort of miniature maple tree.

They have their own bottled water. Sounds expensive.

29,900 years old! I requested freshwater, damnit!

Grilled garlic and butter for bread.

Oh no, couple of the shrimps were undercooked. SEND IT BACK!

Replacement dish. Ahhh, much better.



Marinated vegetables.

Grilled vegetables. Had to get my fill of vegetables as I never get enough while traveling.

Chocolate cake. Yup, all the food shown above was consumed by one single person. Me.

Time to head on home after a very delicious dinner. It was expensive at $70, but I did eat enough for two though.

Same shot out of our apartment window, this one at night. Apparently The Rolling Stones had a concert in Prague some 20 years ago and paid for all the lights for the Prague Castle because they thought that such a beautiful building should be lit at night. Why thank you Mick.

Long exposure of Prague street from our window.

After dinner, I made plans to meet up with my two friends from Austin who also happens to be visiting Prague at the same time.


TO and JO. It’s great to meet friends and share a drink with them while on the other side of the world.

I had to call it a night pretty early so I could pack and get ready to travel next morning. Goodnight.

To be continued at Vienna Day 1.

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