Siem Reap Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Siem Reap Day 2 Part 1.

More of Angkor Thom.

This temple did not allow women with shorts as well. They didn’t have any pants for RL to borrow, so she had to stay behind while I scale this thing.

There’s RL, and you can see another girl who also had to stay behind due to shorts.

They closed off the steps to the very top. Poop.

There’s RL. I am pretty high up now.

OK, down I go.

Down down down.

Doesn’t look quite as tall from here, but it was a little tiring in this heat.

Did not get to go up the temple.

Crossing through the forest to another area.

It says do not climb down, and yet here are two stubborn tourists who insisted on it. We watched them struggle their way down. Even when I told them of the sign, thinking maybe the had just missed it, they kept on going anyway. Sigh.

Kids, don’t drink the koolaid.

Cool, hammock rigged inside rickshaw.

Done!!…or so we wrongly thought. There turns to be quite more to see. It’s about 12:40pm.

Another spot, I believe this is Ka Teo.

After getting burned by not allowed up the temple, RL finally breaks down and buys some pants at one of the vendors. There are essentially no one else here shopping at all these vendors. This is the low season for Angkor, as you can see by the sparse crowds. I don’t want to be here during high season, I bet it’s terrible.

Now entering Ta Prohm. This was our favorite one.

Saw this giant St. Andrew’s Cross spider. It was scary, but had a beautiful web.

This ruin had been kept very much in “ruin” without much restoration.

And you had to wonder why RL married me.

At many of the crossing hallways they had this in the center. Wonder what these were? Fire pits?

Crazy looking giant tree. Probably would have toppled by now if not for all the metal supports.

Next to this temple, there is another temple going through much restoration.

But not this one, at least not yet.

I wonder what Angkor will look like 10 years from now, when even more buildings have been restored.

Sorry, just taken.

A platform.

That leads to this lake.

OK, I think we are heading back to our hotel for real now.

Halfway through the drive back(really only like 15 min drive) our driver had to stop and stretch because he was getting sleepy…Seriously?? It’s such a short drive!!

Back into Siem Reap. We left our hotel at a little before 10 this morning and we got back at around 2:30pm. That’s a lot of walking and climbing around in the hot sun. We did the short loop, there is an even longer loop that you can do. You can seriously spend days looking over the temples…but we weren’t that motivated. Frankly for all the driving in the tuk tuk, $15 was not too bad.

Got back to our hotel, and now out again to grab some late lunch. We are about 3 minutes tuk tuk from the happening part of town, and this drive costs $1!

Texting while mopeding.

The old market of Siem Reap.

Our lunch spot.

I’ll have a Cambodia. Yes, the big one please.

Yeah, delicious. The thing on the bottom left is some sort of baked dish with onions, chicken and cheese on top. Really good stuff. The baked cheese makes me crave pizza.

Ohh, a Mexican food place. We’ve been eating SE Asian food almost exclusively for 2 weeks now. Maybe we’ll have to have some Mexican…

If you had to wonder where the bars are located here.

Here’s pub street, not much happening here during the afternoon. Also, low tourist season.

We are heading back to hotel after our late lunch. We plan on visiting Pub Street later tonight to grab a bite to eat.

However, by night time, the weather had other plans for us. It started thundering and pouring rain. I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere tonight. Dinner in the hotel restaurant for us then I guess. Good timing on our part, didn’t get rained on while we are out earlier, yeah!

The Sprite tastes sweeter here. I’d imagine Energy means calories.

I love the fried chicken fingers here. Yum.

Also good, some sort of sauteed Khmer dish.

Tired, saw so much today and feeling disgusting from all the sweating. I haven’t sweated this much since that one day looking at all the palaces and temples in Bangkok. Time to shower and sleep. Oh yeah, Angkor was spectacular, would recommend.

To be continued at Siem Reap Day 3.

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