Istanbul Day 3 Part 1

Continued from Istanbul Day 2.

Woke up early to another beautiful day here in Istanbul. I think the original forecast was for some cloud and rain. Nice pleasant surprise that it’s so beautiful out. The forecast for tomorrow and next few days looks to be rainy(if it’s correct this time), so we decided that we should plan to be outside all day today while its sunny.

I saw my maid earlier, and she looked nothing like this. How disappointing.

Beautiful blue sky.

Slipped into a grocery store to buy some bananas.

Oh, they also sell liquor here.

Breakfast of champions.

This how they keep the city clean. Trash service. India, please take note.

Found this cafe/art gallery down the street from hotel. Turkish coffee time.

Just beautiful out here today.

Hey boy!!

So good. Even better than the one yesterday morning.

Up and up we go.

Good morning, my love.

Beautiful day calls for outdoor cafe. Also overlooks the Blue Mosque. Win win.

The server said Fanta, and this is what we got. I guess close enough.

Mixed grill. Yes, please.

Can you tell I am obsessed?

Quick stroll after lunch around the shops next to the tram station and to look for an ATM.

Keeping things looking new. Nice, except for the fact the other ATM that I am using is downwind…

The selection inside the Starbucks here in Istanbul. Not too shabby.

Can’t be real…

Ohhhh, delicious looking food!

2 TR to ride the tram. About a dollar. Istanbul isn’t that cheap. I would say it’s about 50-80% of Austin prices.

I believe this is the New Mosque.

We’ve just crossed the Golden Horn, and are now in the New District.

I wonder what lies above.

This is The happening spot here in Istanbul.

Istiklal street is where all the action is at.

My friend RF contacted some of his friends in Istanbul and we are supposed to meet them here in front of this Burger King in the next day. This is supposedly a popular meeting spot because it’s so easy to pick out.

Istiklal Street. I think any other time, I would be amazed at all the people here; however, I just came from India. Good amount of people but oh, so orderly and calm. I would say that there’s also more people at the Shinjuku station in Tokyo than this.

Turkish desserts.

Looks like gulab jamun.

Tried this one, not sure what it’s called. It was pretty intense. Super sweet. My favorite part is that you can taste the condensed milk that they put in it. Everything should be made with condensed milk. I wonder what condensed milk would taste like in raki…

Oh, another Burger King. I better double check with RF’s Turkish friends on which Burger King. I am pretty sure its the other one, but doesn’t hurt to double check.

Gypsy kids busking?

Awesome carving from some sort of pumpkin or squash?

Everything looks so good, and I just ate not too long ago.

Tons of shops, restaurants, and people. This place is hoppin’.

Mussels and lemon. Saw several of these stands around here in the smaller side streets.

We walked down a small side alley, saw a few street side cafes, so we decided to sit down and have a drink. Perfect plan.

Raki. You can see how by pouring water into it, it turns opaque.

Beer on top of raki. Even better. Efes seems to have a monopoly on the local beer market here.

Not 5 minutes after sitting down, a couple of guys shows up with a jackhammer not far from us and starts hammering away. It did not bother me at all, and we all know how fucking loud and annoying a jackhammer can be. This is nothing compared to the sensory assault that I experienced nonstop in India.

This guy looks on the jack hammering. Why even both having any hair at all?

You know, when I use my jackhammer, I always wear a nice dress shirt, sweater, and some nice leather shoes. I bring my A game when I use my jackhammer.

By the time we left, they had made quite a big hole.

It was so relaxing drinking here. Good people watching, and even the sound of the loud jackhammer sounded calming to both of us. I felt so relaxed and happy. I am in Istanbul!

Angry bird cake in a bakery.

St. Anthony’s Church.

Cool statue of Jesus. It’s flattened and looks flattened from all angles. Neat.

Right across from St. Anthony’s church, RF had suggested that we drink Turkish coffee at this little coffee shop.

I think mostly only locals would know about this small place. It seats maybe 15 people. I took this photo with my back against the back wall.

Yes to coffee. This is some good stuff. I mostly liked the atmosphere of this coffee shop. It was hidden away some 20 feet away from the main street in a small alley and had a totally different character because of it. Nice and quiet and felt very intimate.

This is all that’s needed for Turkish coffee. Some fine coffee grounds, a pot and a big fucking fire.

To be continued at Istanbul Day 3 Part 2.

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