Cali Coast Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Cali Coast Day 2 Part 1.

After the ceremony, we were ushered into the winery building for cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvre.

We were actually the first two people to make it in.

Then we were ushered into the barrel room, where the wines age. It’s pretty awesome in here. Here’s where we’ll be having a cocktail hour.

Yup, still looking good.

People for size reference. The large barrels were huge!

The stoppers were made of very soft rubber. I could have easily pulled them out. I kept on thinking that if I had been more insidiously inclined, I could have easily pulled out a stopper, thrown something inside, sealed it back up and no one would have been the wiser. For the record, I didn’t even try to pull off a stopper.

Shit! And for thinking an unclean thought about ruining an entire barrel of wine, I accidentally dropped a fig hors d’oeuvre into my glass of wine. Good thing it’s open bar.

I found this random coat hanger between rows of barrels. Why is it here?

There’s a window into the prep area. Naturally, I took a photo of it.

Firestone Winery sits on top of a hill with a great view of the surrounding area.

The bar is at the far end of the barrel room. All these people congregated by the bar. These are the alcoholics.

At the other end, there is a group of people far from the bar. Those are the light weights. From the photo, you can guess which side I stood at.

Just as we were all getting more toasty, we were called to move on over to the reception area for dinner. Yes, I am so hungry!

My table.

The first dance as husband and wife.

We all had assigned tables, and the tables were named after places. I’d imagine these were places that were significant to the bride and groom. Well, our table was called Monaco. NT, the girl on the right, is my friend from Austin. She said that we should be the rowdy table. Done!

It’s time to be that loud obnoxious table.

Monaco!!!! We’ve decided to chant “Monaco” every time we toasted each other. Chanting Monaco is good for any occasion.

Dinner!!!!! Delish.

DB, my other roommate during the bachelor party, and his girl E showing me how they eat meat.

MONACO!!!! We are easily the loudest table. It wasn’t even close.

It’s time to break it down.

Hahaha!! My friend NT is hilarious.

Take it down low!


M for Monaco!!

We all were dancing like we were mad. Some weddings, the dancing sucks, there just isn’t energy. Not the case with this wedding. Definitely one of the top dancing weddings I’ve attended! We broke it D-O-W-N! In fact, people still made complements about me and RH’s dance moves the next day(pats self on back).

It hurts my spine just looking at this photo.

And now, Stop….It’s time to cut the cake.

While everyone was getting cake, the DJ put on a Louis Prima song that I had requested for RH and I to swing dance to. That was quite fun swing dancing at a wedding.

Coffee for pick me up?

Cake, I love you so much.

Hoppers, a Sri Lankan(Where RS’s family is from) dish. This got served while we danced. The hoppers reminds me a lot crepes.

The groom brew the beers for the wedding. Now, it’s time for a keg stand.

The bride steps up to the plate for her keg stand as well.

Oh yeah!

Oh no! A glass breaks over the dance floor. This is a real party now.

Dancing the hopper dance.

RS’s nephew nodding off. Heh.

Hopper. Yum!

I don’t remember what this was about.

T-Rex arms dance.

Last wedding I went to, the groom got dropped when he got lifted by the crowd.

Fortunately, RS didn’t get dropped.

The DJ was a pretty old guy for a DJ. It was just weird to hear him spin all the popular club music.

My eyes are getting really heavy. It’s not even that late yet(maybe almost 11), but I can’t seem to stay awake. The two hours time difference and alcohol is taking its toll. I think it’s time to go catch a shuttle back to the hotel.

Catching the shuttle back to hotel.

I guess it really is time for us to leave. Literally on the walk to the shuttle, RH has a wardrobe malfunction-her shoe strap broke. She danced so hard her shoe broke. I think we’ve done our job celebrating RS and AS tying the knot. Goodnight.

To be continued at Cali Coast Day 3 Part 1.

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