Prague Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Prague Day 1.

I woke up this morning feeling more or less the same as last night when I went to bed. That’s the good news. Still congested but energy level still more or less normal. This means I can have a full day in Prague. I am sure sleeping in until 9 also helps. Today we will just walk around the city and see what it has to offer.

Breakfast time.

View from our table. Love the trams that go around town.

Lasagna. Dinner for breakfast. It was actually very tasty.

Guy parks on curb which blocks trash truck which blocks tram.

Our hotel apartment. We live on the top floor.

They had all these classic roasters running around town giving tours of the city.

Charles Bridge.

Ballon for vantage point view.

Lots of tourists on the Charles Bridge.

Looking back towards Prague Castle.

Interesting museum. Must visit later.

Does it come with happy ending? Did you know that our guidebook mentioned Prague was like the sex capital of the world? Prostitution is illegal, but the government is trying their damn hardest to make it legal.

Massive lighters. Shoe for scale.

Seriously, tell us what you really think about Americans.

Lunch spot. Just kidding.

Pilsner Urquell is everywhere. Goulash is also offered everywhere.

Happy ending?

First time for me to see a restaurant that’s part of the “slow food” movement.

How did that car fit into that spot?

Of course they’d have absinthe shop in Prague.

I’ve never heard of an Indian massage. Whatever it takes to differentiate yourself I guess. Happy ending Indian style?

WTF? Absinth Sperm shot? No thanks.


Tyn Church in Old Town Square.

Astronomical clock in Old Town Square.

I am all about the vantage point views. Let’s do this.

Directions on how to get to the top of the tower.

Turned right.

Second glass door.

Go along the hall and turn right.

Found the elevator.

Pretty cool looking elevator shaft.

Mirrored ceiling provides for a cool photo opportunity.

Enjoy the pictures of Prague from the clock tower. The views of cities from up high is always a treat, and Prague is no exception.

Old Town Square.

More Old Town Square.

Tyn Church.


Prague Castle in the distance.

Ass shot of all of the guys.

Saw this ornate door while walking down the stairs back to ground level.

Smoked Ham at one of the food stalls in Old Town Square. Our guidebook also said not to eat food from the street food stalls as it may not be sanitary. We’ll take our chances.

Cuts off the meat while the spit is turning. Then the meat is sold by weight.

So very good, and I don’t even like smoked ham that much.

On the hour, we kept on hearing, not bells, but trumpets. Finally saw that they had a real trumpet player go up to the tower and play the trumpet at all 4 different sides.

More food stalls around Old Town Square.

Strutting in them jorts.

Love the trams.

Didn’t know they had Euro plates that were the same dimension as US plates.

I would like to do this. We also walked by a pub crawl place, so we will probably do that tonight.

Before heading back to our hotel, I decided to go hit up the museum with the 4 giant guns. Forgot what the name of the museum is, but the exhibit is for provocative art. That’s right up my alley!!





This next section will probably offend many people and it does contain nudity. If you are uncomfortable with this section, then you probably shouldn’t read my photo blog ever again.






This one is pretty fucked up, even for me.

They had a real model in the museum doing a photo shoot. She was smoking. And on this point, I need to say something about Prague. Before even showing up to Prague, I’ve heard from multiple sources saying that girls in Prague are smoking hot. I’ve been here for a day and a half now and I cannot agree with that statement. Italian girls are still the hottest so far. Everyone in our group agrees that we have not see the hotness that we were told to expect. Just sayin’.

This isn’t provocative and it isn’t art. At least not in my book.

Holy crap, look at how structurally weak those stairs are. Let’s see. Ex communist country that skimp out on construction…..Are there even rebars in those stairs?

Holy shit. I look down and I see giant cracks in the stairs….

Yeah, I am walking on the side closest to the wall up and down the stairs.

Support holding the gymnast Jesus.

Giant I-beam and then you’ve got two tiny bolts holding the whole thing up? Seriously?

View from the museum window.

Yup, that’s a very realistic painting. It was awesome!

I enjoyed this but I don’t understand what it has to do with art.

Yet another painting that’s so realistic.

A random room in the museum with what I’d imagine the old mural leftover from the building when it’s seen better days.

Nike Burqa.

What’s this? Don’t say “Talk to the hand!”?

That’s enough walking for now. Time to cross the Charles bridge and head back to hotel to rest then eat dinner.

To be continued at Prague Day 2 Part 2.

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