Seoul Day 5

Continued from Seoul Day 4 Part 2.

This morning was tough, needless to say. I am getting too old for this shit…

RL went down to the convenience to pick up what my body needed. A sandwich, and lots and lots of liquids.

We rested inside the hotel and watched a movie on TV until I felt good enough to leave the room. It’s 4pm and it’s time to look for some sannakji.

It’s Sunday and many of the shops around us are closed.

Ugh, why is the sun still so bright. My eyes!!

My head….

According to my research, we cross that bridge.

Oh my God!!! Guy with green funny pattern matching top and bottom carrying a flower umbrella. He wanted attention and he definitely got it from me.


We are definitely going the right direction. We followed our noses.

Noryangjin fish market. It smells really badly of fish in here. Did I mention that I am hungover and I feel like throwing up?

This is a very impressive operation though.

Almost all stands here sell the same things. How do you pick which stand you shop at?

Ugh…the smell….I can feel my stomach turning…

Gag gag gag gag….This row smelled TERRIBLY FISHY!!!!

Why did they throw those crabs on the ground?

Ohhh, fugu(blowfish). I want some.

OK, I can’t stand this smell for too much longer. Let’s buy what we came for and get out of here. We are looking at you, little octopuses!

No, you are too big and too dead for me.

King crabs everywhere!!! Too big and expensive for just the two of us. A shame.

We finally bought a nakji octopus. Surprisingly cheaper than we had expected, only $5 for one! I wanna take it home as a pet.

Now, we are looking for a fish.

We didn’t want to spend too much money, so we got the cheapest fish that we could get, a $10 fish. What it is, I am not sure. The lady who sold it to me spoke Chinese said that she thinks it’s a sea bass. Wait, what? You are not sure what it is? Either way, she said that it’s edible and we can make sashimi with it….hmmm…ok.

While we buy the cheapest and smallest fish possible, the people standing in line next to us buys a giant king crab. Bastards!

Now you see the head.

Now you don’t.

I was surprised that they literally slice the fish up into sashimi right in the fish stall. It feels kind of odd to be eating a fish that I saw was just swimming…

You see that small tiny black fish in that tank, yeah, we had something like that.

OK, time to get some shrimp and we can go take all of our fresh seafood to one of the many restaurants nearby.

This is the octopus that we got earlier. I shall name him/her, part of dinner.

While on the way to the restaurant that the fish stall suggested, we walked by this cute little puppy chewing up a piece of paper. How cute, just like my dog at home…except he chews up paper money and credit cards…literally. Bad Dog!!!

This is the restaurant.


We’ve got our fresh “unknown possible sea bass fish” sashimi and the octopus and shrimps in the black bag. The restaurants here charge $3 a person and then charges more to cook up food for you. Apparently, it’s free to eat sashimi here.

The call button worked here, but the service here was not the greatest. Many of the waitstaff spoke Chinese here…go figure.

Eagerly awaiting service…

I want food!!! Eventually, someone came and took our seafood to cook up. I told her that I wanted sannakji…and I guess she got what I was trying to tell her. I hope my octopus doesn’t come out cooked…

Sannakji!!!! Wriggle wriggle wriggle!

Not only do they wriggle, the suckers still suck on everything!! You are supposed to chew it up very well because there are cases of people choking and dying from the tentacles sucking and blocking your throat.

RL is scared of it! I’ll feed it to her.

Look at the apprehensive face! Haha.

They are slippery and likes to wriggle out of your hands. I tried using chopsticks but that didn’t work very well.

Wriggle wriggle, suck suck, wriggle wriggle, suck suck.

Tentacle porn.

So what does sannakji taste like? Frankly, other then that it moves around and attaches to the sides of your mouth, it tastes just like octopus sashimi. And octopus sashimi just tastes like octopus, but a little more slimy. RL had a harder time than me eating sannakji, and I had a harder time than her eating the just alive fish sashimi.

Our shrimps show up. Yum.

RL giving sannakji another try.

See, ate it!

Well, that was a fun thing to do on our last day here in Seoul. But seriously, I want to go back to the hotel. I don’t want to be around this fish market for the fishy smell. I just want to go home and lay down and drink some more gatorade.

As we were crossing the pedestrian bridge, we saw an older man grabbing onto the arm of a teenage girl. Everyone stood and watched…WTF? She eventually breaks loose and runs to her friend…It was odd. My guess is that the man was her father and they had some sort of dispute?

This subway station is actually very poorly marked. There are more platforms here than there are subway lines, and all the displays are in Korean. We figured that if we stand on the platform across from where we showed up, we’d have the best chance of getting on the correct train.

Sure enough, we managed to get on the right train. Good…I need to get home and lay down. My head…

Hours later, got hungry again and ate this bento box that RL bought for me. Yum. I like how in Korea it’s much easier to purchase food that’s not completely soaked in oil, like in China.

To be continued at Fukuoka Day 1.

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