Munich Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Munich Day 2 Part 1.

With so many drunk people smashing their glasses around, this is bound to happen.

More beers. Oh shit, someone made the suggestion that we all stand up and chug a whole liter of beer. This will not end well…

Sigh….why are we doing this?

JT and I were the only ones to successfully chug a whole beer. Yeah!!! This happened at 1:30pm and the next 3 hours after chugging the beer was a blur to me.

JB went to vomit in the bathroom so all the guys decided to go to the Spaten tent across the street for a drink.

Very different atmosphere inside here. Much quieter and much more serious.

Got a text from the girls saying that they can’t hold down the fort anymore with too few people, so we need to go back.

More beers. I don’t remember any of this…

Apparently I ate a whole plate of ribs, but again, do not remember…

Not doing well…so sleepy and so drunk.

RF is equally drunk. Apparently, all the guys went to the Spaten tent, and when we got back, we were all obliterated.

A bit after 3, they cleared out the people sitting at the reserved tables to make room for people with reservations.


LOL!!! We are both so drunk.

Perk up for a quick photo. I believe JB and JT had left already at this point to take a nap at the hotel.

My head feels so heavy. The girls are having to hold my head up for me.

KH holding up my head so I don’t slump over.

Seriously? I ate ribs? I do not remember at all. I just remember looking down at one point and seeing bbq sauce all over my hands…

Don’t remember this.

Me leaning against RL’s leg for support.

J had left the tent for a while and finally came back with his newly bought German jacket.

KH sits on this guy and he doesn’t even say anything. LOL!

Don’t remember this. Apparently they played Sweet Caroline and according to RL I almost fell off the bench, but I have zero recollections of it…Maybe it’s time to go.

It’s almost 5. Been drinking for 7 hours, it’s time to leave the tents. NNNoooo, I wanna keep drinking!!!

I can barely stand.

I can’t stand very well, but apparently I can still dance.

The ladies and their bloomers.

On the way to KH’s hotel, we walked by this awesome church. Which I didn’t really remember either.  RL has been taking the pictures for the majority of the day.

Not very big, but incredibly ornate inside.

OK, away from Oktoberfest, but still drinking! JB finished her nap and joined us for this round and RF took her place to take a nap.

The table next to us had 4 friends from Switzerland on their man-trip.

It’s time to go wake up RF and JT from their naps. The show must go on.

Get up!!

Get up!! KH helping JT button up his leather pants. OK, now that we’ve got the whole crew assembled again, let’s find a bar.


RF recommend for us to go to this one bar down town since we still wanted to do something but couldn’t think of a place to go. So in to a taxi.

It turns out to be a fancy cocktail bar that we are all probably a little to drunk and rowdy for. But, it didn’t strike me as that at the time because I was too drunk to notice.

Seriously, this is one of the strongest Sazerac I’ve ever had. It burns!

Massive headache. Been drinking for about 12 hours now and now I am hungover. Seriously, they don’t ever drink water here. Water is rarely given to you for free and the bought water is expensive. Ugh….time to go home.

Fortunately, there’s a subway stop right outside the bar.

I know exactly how this guy feels. It’s been a blast! Pretty different experience from the last time I was here, but I’ll take it. Tomorrow will be rough, no doubt.

To be continued at Munich Day 3 Part 1.

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