Rothenburg Day 1 Part 2

Continued from Rothenburg Day 1 Part 1.

There are many shops here selling Christmas decorations.

Gasp! Found a beer garden!

This will do just fine. The temperature is just about perfect under the shade of the tree.

Time to eat our first substantial meal of the day, hearty Bavarian food. Yeah!!

And also check out the most famous view here, the Plönlein. It’s kinda cool, I guess…

Is that a longhorn?

The front facade of our pension/grocery store. Pretty cool.

Inside the grocery store section they also sold train sets and toy models.

And also hard liquor. This place has everything! I can get drunk then play with toy cars!!

Went back to our room and I blogged for about 10 minutes and then fell into a nap. Oops. That will not do well for me trying to fall asleep later tonight.

After waking up from our nap, we waited a bit until it got dark outside. Now time for our stroll in the night time.

OMG!!! There’s a shop(closed for the day) that sells green tea ice cream here!!!! MUST GET TOMORROW!!!

We meandered to the main square where the “nightwatchman” was about to give his tour. We saw this tour on a Rick Steve’s episode and it’s still the same guy. He charges 7 Euro a person for the hour long tour and you pay based on honor system. Apparently he does this on his own and gives a tour almost every night. Let’s do some quick math. Let’s say he has over 100 people sign up a night. Say he works everyday, 365. So that’s 100x7x365=255,500 Euros a year!!! He’s one of the wealthiest man in Rothenberg!!!

We did not contribute to making the “nightwatchman” a wealthier man. We didn’t feel like walking around with a giant crowd for an hour. We’ll make our own night tour by just strolling around the dark streets.  Though, at breakfast the next day, an older couple did tell us that it was a very good tour and the guide did a very good job telling a lot of the city’s history.

The awesome display windows of the shops here at night.

Dry cured meat looks scary…but also delicious.

Tired of walking, time to sit and have some drinks.

They finally lit up the city hall.

Reminds me a bit of Rome. I think it’s the cobblestones.

Schneeballe(snowball), a popular Rothenburg pastry. It’s made from shortcrust pastry and we plan on getting one to try later tonight.

As famous as this is, I am surprised by the lack of crowds tonight.

Time for our pastry.

One of these will do.

The tools for making the balls.

2 balls in a box. Hahaha!! I am a child.

6 balls in a box…LOL!!!

OK, time to head back. We always know where our pension is because it’s right next to the clock tower gate.

Time to eat some ball. It actually exceeded our expectations. Both of us are ball lovers.

To be continued at Rothenburg Day 2 Part 1.

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