Prague Day 2 Part 2

Continued from Prague Day 2 Part 1.

After a short rest in our hotel, well, rest for others and blogging for me, we went out in search of dinner. We planned on doing the pub crawl thing after dinner.

In search of dinner. The first restaurant that we found by the river ended up being too nice and too expensive.

Very Venicesque.

Saw this massive fire while going across the Charles Bridge. We also heard what sounded almost like gun fire. Wonder if it was a riot or protest?

Our pub crawl is supposed to end the night here….Hmmm, not so sure about this.

S6 Taxi. Though, I think it may be an A6 with badge engineering.

“and Dance”….right.

Where we ended up for dinner. Great view of Old Town Square.

Why anyone would order this, I do not know.

Looks even better at night.

I’ve been so hungry this entire trip. My other travel companions refer to me as “The Eater”. Damn you metabolism lightening my wallet.

Started with this.

Then this.

Yup, this too.

Still hungry so got some dessert.

Beautiful. It’s like being in Disneyland.

Met up at the pub crawl place. How this works is we start at the Pub Crawl bar, pay 20 Euros, with all the drinks and shots here free until 10pm(we got there at around 8:30). Then we hit 3 more bars and end up at the giant dance club shown earlier.

Yeah, this is the original Budweiser brewed here in Prague. Tastes very different from the Bud that we get in the US.

What is Prague without Absinthe. I’ve had Absinthe before, and just like every time I’ve had it, tastes like burning.

Getting ready to leave the first bar to go to the second. We were drinking pretty slowly, while everyone else came here with a mission to get wasted as quickly as possible. I’d say 90% of the people were already drunk by this point by chugging beers and slamming shots. This isn’t really our crowd. We talked to some of the other people and didn’t really jive with them well.

There’s a noise curfew at 10pm in Prague, so imagine trying to keep 100 drunk people quiet while walking the streets of Prague at night. Yeah, mission impossible.

Second bar.

Into the basement level.

Unfortunately, here the drinks are no longer free. I’d imagine that the Pub Crawl organization owns all of the bars that we visit. How smart of them to make money on all of the bars.

It was really hot in the basement level, so we ended up climbing back up to the bar on the ground floor level, away from all the other pub crawlers. It’s much more chill up here.

Apparently a handgun is an acceptable type of decor for a bar here in Prague.

Since we drank at a different bar than everyone else, we kept a close eye on the exit door so that we can follow the other pub crawlers outside when it’s time to go to the next bar. Well…after about an hour of drinking, one of us went downstairs to check, and everyone had left. Somehow, we had missed 100 drunken loud people streaming out the door. Oops.

I guess that’s the end of our bar crawling experience since we have no idea where the next bar is at. Wrist bands off. Won’t be needing those anymore.

It was around 12 by this time and we didn’t really feel like drinking anymore, so we’ll just walk through Prague at night back to our hotel.


While walking through Old Town Square, all these people would come up to you and ask if you want to go to a strip club. Remember, Prague has a huge sex industry. A guy approached us and said “You want licky licky sucky sucky?” Haha!!!! We walked away, but we kept on laughing about it that I had to go back and ask him for the card just so I could take a picture of it.

Private strip show, check. Lesbian show, check. Table dance, check. Apartments for rent. What??? Apparently in Prague, you go to a whorehouse if you are looking for an apartment.

This guy is still here some 5 hours later. Is he really a taxi or is this a front for something else? Those shady S6 owners…

Prague Castle at night seen from Charles Bridge.

Right by our hotel. How am I still hungry?

I was handed this by JB after getting back to hotel. Ugh, no more.


You can get shrimp at the McDonald’s in Prague! Who would have thought. The sauce is also referred to as “cocktail” sauce. I don’t know about you, but that is not cocktail sauce.

Our pub crawl experience ended prematurely, but probably a good thing. None of us were feeling the crowd. It’s not that we don’t enjoy having a good time, but this just seemed so lame after coming from Oktoberfest. Time to end the night and sleep. Goodnight.

To be continued at Prague Day 3 Part 1.

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  1. I was one of the people claiming that the girls of the Eastern Bloc were hot, though I don’t think I have ever specified Prague. First of all, my experience is from 20 years ago and by now, the pipeline for those girls to enter the legitimate modeling, mail-order bride, and sex trade industries is well established. One way or another, they leave. Hottest girl I met in New Zealand? From Prague. Anyway, if they go into modelling, guess where they end-up? The same place all models do at one point or another – Italy. None of this matters, because everyone knows the hottest girls are in Spain, so you are way off the mark.

    Huge sex industry? I can hear Thailand laughing from here.

    That looks like a legitimate S6 to me. The fender flares give it away.

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