London Day 6

Continued from London Day 5.

This photo was actually taken last night. RL was very excited to find this and sent this picture to my mother in law and my mother in law said Agatha Christie isn’t much of a looker.

First order of business today, get covid tested. We only need to take a rapid test in order to fly to US.

I had made an appt, prepaid, and pre registered. Sign in was a breeze, told them our names and we waited maybe 2min before being called back to get our noses swabbed. Super easy and fast…and it only cost us $100….Which is kind of steep.

In no time the results were emailed to us showing us both to be negative for covid. Cool, now we can actually be allowed on a flight back home.

In search of a Starbucks in order to get their cold brew coffee.

Back at Covent Gardens.

The label says Cold Brew, but I really think it’s just iced coffee.

Those are all knock offs, right?

Waiting in line for lunch. We had made reservations for a later time, but covid testing was so fast, we just decided to get here early and wait in the line.

We were one of the first ones in line, so immediately we were let in after they opened.

So, excited!

Yes! I will say this, it’s because we decided to visit Covent Garden did I notice Din Tai Fung listed as a restaurant on the map.

Love the travel plan for my phone, it’s been a game changer. If anything, it allowed me to call for Uber.

We were one of the first ones here. But the end of our meal, the whole place would fill up.

While browsing my phone before the food started showing up, I saw this article. Shit, we are flying with British Airways, hope our flight isn’t impacted for tomorrow.

Let’s do this. Amazing how simple meals can taste so delicious.

Wish they had a DTF here in Texas. I’d eat there all the time. I will say though, this London location doesn’t seem to make their dumpling skin quite as thin as the ones in Asia. Still damn delicious though.


For that price, you better not accidentally turn on the disposal while the silverware is in the sink…But honestly, these would probably never get used.


RL is feeling much much better today, so we’ll go back to our regular programming of sightseeing.

Remember that 24 outdoor urinal I walked by the other day? Well, here’s what it looks like inside.

1. I think they are exaggerating. 2. This protest seems a little hollow when Russia just invaded Ukraine.

Back in the underground we go to our next destination.

Woah, it’s really crowded. I guess the weekend crowd is here. During the earlier part of the week, the trains have been empty and the crowds have been small everywhere. As we got closer to the weekend, we noticed more and more people out and about.

Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve never been, let’s see what it’s all about.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

A scene from me trying to feed my children food.

RL recognized immediately that this was Achilles getting dipped in Styx.


I just find it funny that these epic fight scenes are with butt naked people.

Cast Courts. Probably my favorite section, even though nothing here is original. It’s literally two rooms filled with casts of famous sculptures and whatnot from all over the world. Kind of a cool idea actually even though these are all copies.

Trajan’s Column. It’s so tall, it’s split and displayed in halves.

Oh, a Chihuly.

Nice, funded by gambling.

RL saw this and said, look, they made her vulva.

RL’s favorite painting in V&A.

Ouch, a snake has bitten me.


RL says this is from Punch and Judy…she has all the British references that go way above my head.

The Aeron, the greatest chair ever. I’ve had one for 20 years now, and it’s still going strong today.

I really like propaganda posters.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photography section in a museum where there wasn’t any nudity.

Both RL and I thought V&A was just ok. It’s got a great collection, but not all of it was our speed. They did have a special exhibit on Faberge, but unfortunately, the tickets were all sold out so we didn’t get to see that.

Came out of V&A and saw that the building on this side had scars from WWII bombs.

Kind of chilling looking at these battle damaged facade since Russia just invaded Ukraine.

Busy busy. It’s Saturday and everyone is out and about.

We were packed in like sardines in that train. It’s been a long time since I’ve been inside a super packed subway train.

Now done with museums for the day, change of pace. We are looking for drinking holes now.

Outdoor ping pong table in a park…interesting.

Our first drinking hole, but it was not meant to be. The American Bar in the Savory is still temporarily closed, probably due to covid. Lame.

Europeans and their fast wagons.

I guess a pub will do.

Onwards to the next pub.

We walked around and saw this really narrow alley, so naturally we decided to walk down. And guess what, we found another pub.

Apparently you can order half prints, so that’s what I ordered for RL’s ciders. RL calls this my baby monkey face.

Only in Europe would you have small alleys like this that are so clean. This would be filled with trash in Asia.

Quick snack before the next pub.

Yum, can’t go wrong with egg tarts.

This place will do.

Alright, that’s enough drinking for now. We’ve got a flight tomorrow to catch, so can’t be hitting it too hard.

The first pub that we visited a few days ago is going under renovation. Good thing we were able to drink here before they shut it down.

It’s Saturday night, and reservations are hard to come by. We managed to snag one at this place around our hotel that we’ve walked by a few times.

Fancy onyx bar top.

Unfortunately, the under lit bar top makes photos of food dark and lame.

Eagle Rare. Obviously, it’s still mostly about Scotch over here. The bourbon selection is usually nonexistent or very small.

I mainly picked this place because they had a tikka masala fish curry. It was just ok though. Wish we had a chance to try out a few other Indian dishes here, but we are leaving UK tomorrow morning.

Time to head back to hotel and pack and get up early in the morning to head to airport. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of the food poisoning incident tonight.

To be continued at Home, Sweet Home.