Mexico City Day 7/Home, Sweet Home

Continued from Mexico City Day 6 Part 2.

If you saw the previous post, you can guess what I did all day this morning. I laid in bed all day, tried my best to hydrate, and generally felt poisoned by alcohol. I feel even worse today than the morning after the bachelor party. My mind keeps on going back to that one glass of red wine that I had last night. No, it couldn’t have been the other 15+ shots/drinks that I had. My stubborn mind blames my state of hangover over that one glass of red poison.

Mexico City at 5pm. It’s time to finally brave the outdoors. I need to get something to eat. I had ambitious plans to visit the giant mall that centers Santa Fe. Don’t think the mall will be happening today. I feel like shit.

Dinner spot. It was between this Mexican place or the Sushi place that RT had suggested. The concierge had written down some of the items that I should order.

Taxi driver, don’t rip me off or I will end you by vomiting all over your car.

Passed by the church from yesterday.

Here! Ugh, I need some food to cure this hangover. Give me something greasy.

View of the Washing Machine from my table.

Fried pork rind.

Mole is not usually my go to, but I had to give it a shot here in Mexico. I think I still prefer verde.

It was at this point that the rest of my food stops showing up. What’s the deal? I talked to the waiter, and we are having a lot of trouble communicating, even with sign language. He thinks I am done eating, but I eat a lot. I keep on telling him to bring out more food, but he doesn’t understand. FEED ME!!!!! Finally, he gets a hint and puts in the order for all the other stuff I ordered.

Done! This is just the greasy fried food that my body has been craving. I need to go back to the hotel and lay back down now. Ugh.

I slept and felt sick for most of the evening, then I got hungry again. It’s almost midnight, but fortunately there’s a 24 hour French restaurant attached to the hotel. This will be interesting. I’ve never had French food as my midnight meal.

Took one elevator to the lobby, then got assigned another to go to level 2.

Oh, it’s fancy. Add this to my list of firsts. I’ve never been to a fancy French restaurant at midnight before.

Feels kind of weird sitting here in this fancy spot so late.

French onion soup. I don’t actually like French onion soup. I eat it solely for nostalgic reasons. When I was growing up in Taiwan, I’d always accompany my father to the airport whenever someone is leaving the country or whenever we are picking up someone. It’s always a big deal because it was more than 3 hours drive to the international airport. Well, there was a restaurant in the airport that served French onion soup, and we always had it without fail. Ah, the good ol’ days of being a kid.

Duck! Yum. This was satisfying.

That’s it for my last full day in Mexico City. I spent the entire day recovering and eating. Damn, the wedding was awesome!! Totally worth me being sick all day today.

Starting Home, Sweet Home.

Beautiful day here in Mexico City…as long as you don’t look too low down the horizon with all the smog.

Remember that odd looking can of coke? You open it by peeling away a sticker on top, then you rotate the piece of plastic to open. Why have a system like this when the normal metal tab works well?

I’ve noticed this at a few places around here. American Express seems to have their own terminal that’s separate from Visa and Mastercard.

I asked the hotel to call me a taxi to the airport. They asked me what kind of taxi I wanted. A hotel taxi, or a radio taxi? Damnit, I want a taxi where it doesn’t try to fuck me. I went with the most expensive option, which was a hotel taxi, and I sure did pay for it. It was a little bit over 600 pesos!! It was almost 50 dollars to take this taxi to the airport. Granted, the airport is on the other side of town. I bet I could have taken a regular taxi for about half to 2/3 of the price. After my horrible backpack held for ransom experience, I don’t want to fuck around on my ride to the airport.

The taxi arrives, and the porter from the hotel is wearing a top hat!!

Nice, a VW CC for my ride.

Traffic jam. I gave myself plenty of time to get to the airport, so I wasn’t stressed even when we hit traffic.

My driver takes a detour through some nice neighborhoods to try to bypass the traffic. We must have made 100 different turns during this ride to the airport.

Pimp houses hiding behind tall walls and hedges.


Mexico City is pretty much devoid of graffiti, except for cemeteries. The few cemeteries that I’ve seen, their perimeter walls are covered in graffiti.

More traffic. My driver was listening Adele – Skyfall.

Here we are chasing an ambulance on the highway. It was blazing a clear path for us.

Got to the airport! That wasn’t so bad. Even with traffic, it took only about an hour.

I would buy alcohol at duty free, except I can’t stand to think about it right now.

They had a Frida Kahlo tshirt at the giftshop in the airport. Speaking of tshirts, my friend JS asked me to buy her a tshirt with Mexico written on it. I spent the entire week looking for a place that sold souvenir tshirts, and could not find a single place. I had to come all the way to the airport to find a souvenir tshirt shop.

Cool, maybe I can use their wifi.

But first, some lunch!! Starving.

This looks delicious, and it was. I am going to miss the food here in Mexico City. They’ve got great food over here.

Down in the Amex club using their wifi.

A landfill fire. I saw the smoke from the fire on the way to the airport.

MS, not sure if you are still reading this blog, but I’ve carried this around all week and did not open it once. I am going to start reading it now, on my way back to Austin.

Goodbye Mexico City. I am going to put you up on my top list of cities, alongside Paris and Istanbul.

In two hours, I was over Dallas. You can see Jerry World in the photo.


Really long immigration lines. Everyone’s tall again.

That’s not so bad for voicemails and texts.

What to eat, what to eat. It’s dinner time.

Remember the other day that I was hungover, and I really wanted fried chicken. I think it’s time to take care of that craving.

I love fried chicken. I wish fried chicken was healthy like vegetables.

At Admirals Club after dinner. I can’t believe I am refusing free alcohol…still recovering from two days ago.

Catch up on some blogging.

Still hungry, so I bought a doughnut. I am attacking all the unhealthy American foods.

Delayed for almost an hour. Then it was a short hop to Austin.

Back in Austin! I got my luggage and caught the Airport Flyer bus just literally a minute before it took off. Great timing!

There’s downtown.

While on the bus, I saw this Google self driving car. The fact that it was a Lexus was what surprised me the most.

Back on the streets of Austin.

Short walk back home from the bus stop.

Home, Sweet Home.

No trip to Mexico, especially Mexico City, would be complete without Montezuma’s Revenge. I spent 7 days in Mexico City without an issue. The night I get back in Austin, I fell to illness. Go figure…

Mexico City definitely surprised me and exceeded my expectations. I want to go back and take more shots of tequila and eat more tacos al pastor. Speaking of which, I am now on a mission to find a good tacos al pastor place in Austin. Yum.

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