Bangkok Day 4

Continued from Bangkok Day 3.

Our last day here in Bangkok!! We really wanted to like Bangkok, but we don’t think this city is for us, or at least the parts we visited. Too big and too over the top with unfriendly people.

Tomorrow we are heading to Cambodia via an all day long bus ride, so we are trying to take it easy today. A taxi to take us to the only sightseeing thing we are doing today. Our driver may be old, but he was jamming to modern pop songs.

Don’t drink and drive?

A lady boy selling fruits. Do they all have day jobs like this?

Out into the suburbs and out into the outer country side of Bangkok.

We’ve arrived! One of the many floating markets that Bangkok is famous for. Let’s see if this lives up to expectations.

Lotus flowers.


Little Thai tacos.

This is one of the smaller floating markets, but it’s supposed to have good seafood.

This canal is full of what I think are catfish. Bangkok has canals that grid much of the city, much like Venice.

Didn’t take us long to find seafood, and RL went gaga over this. She read about grill salted fish, and has been dying to try it since we got to Bangkok. That we found the salted fish on our last day here at the floating market is a huge bonus.

They’ve also got other types of grilled seafood.

Our grilled white snapper. It was pretty freaking amazing. Fresh, tender, and tasty. The unique dining environment also helps too. Speaking of which, there are not too many tourists at this floating market. The great majority of diners here are locals just grabbing a bite to eat.

Also ordered some crabs. The fish takes the cake though.

Nom nom nom.

We finished eating quickly and satisfied. My legs are asleep from having to sit cross legged and eat at these super low tables.

Time to look around at what else this market offers.

The boats here with their giant exposed engines. It must be so nice and easy to work on those engines!!! Envy!

Not food.

Many of the floating boats sell the same things.

We’ve reached one end, time to turn back. This really is a pretty small market, we crossed from one end to another in less than 5 minutes, and that’s with us taking pictures.

Older couple with almost matching shirts. The reason why I mentioned this will be revealed later.

That’s quite the grilling line.

The catfish are still here. Wonder if it’s legal to fish here.

Need reading glasses? Just get them here at the floating market!! I did not expect them to have that machine here.

The vendor said this was some sort of fish. I did not try as it sat in the hot sun unrefrigerated.

Shogun oranges, maybe? I only recognize this from the orange juice boxes that we see at the 7 Elevens.

Time to drink a coconut.

This was a good one!

OK, that’s that. Heading back to our hotel. We are not leaving our hotel again until dinner time. We are too tired of this relentless heat. This taxi driver drove like a maniac, I think he was trying to impress us. Except, his reckless driving missed our exit and we had to make a long detour to get back. A lot of speed, but no finesse.

Stopped by the 7 Eleven on the way home and got this green custard bread. I can’t refuse.

When we got home, we CRASHED. Woke up after 3 hours of sleep. Our bodies are beat from this heat and this constant movement. After 2 weeks, all this traveling is wearing us down.

Time to get dinner, for our last night here in Thailand, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal. The restaurant is located in the financial district.

I don’t remember seeing any of these on the street.

Reminds me of India, but more orderly.


Around the corner from the restaurant, I saw this. They were playing a game similar to volleyball, but with their feet and this softball sized ball.

The restaurant has pretty potted plants, or maybe just a mosquito breeding ground.

We got here right when they opened at 5:30, and we are the only customers. Got the whole place to ourselves!

I rarely drink Sprite, but it feels so refreshing in this heat.

Bacon wrapped prawns, yes please.

Remember the older couple who wore almost matching shirts earlier? Well, now you can see why I took a photo of them. I had been wearing my pink shirt all night and all morning, when we started getting ready, RL also puts on a pink shirt to match. Too matchy matchy! I blame her.

Fried boneless dark meat chicken, yes please. Morning glory(Chinese water spinach), yes please.

Curry, yes please.

Thai omelet with minced pork, yes please. All that came out to be around $30, which is easily our most expensive meal in Thailand.

Time to head back home after our super delicious dinner. Thailand has amazing food. I am going to miss all the food here. From our hotel to the restaurant and back, it took us two whole hours. Much of that was spent traveling, even though we only had to go 4 BTS stops. Ugh, Bangkok, you don’t make things easy.

We found out the hard way that tickets are only valid the day of travel. We had bought some extra tickets yesterday to use today…well, they expired.

Time to pack up tonight, tomorrow morning we’ll need to wake up at 6am and be out of the door by 7am to head to the bus station way up in North Bangkok.

To be continued at Siem Reap Day 1.

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