Cali Coast Day 2 Part 1

Continued from Cali Coast Day 1 Part 2.

Woke up pretty early this morning since we are operating on Texas time. Today is RS’s big day. The wedding is set for 6PM, so we have most of the day to do our own thing. We are in wine country, so we will be doing some wine tasting today.

It’s a beautiful day here. Well, it could stand to be 20 degrees cooler. I think it got up to the high 90s yesterday, and probably will be about the same today as well.

We asked our hotel to recommend a coffee place and this is where they pointed us.

A zucchini bread chocolate muffin. So tasty. As far as the coffee goes, it was just ok though. We kind of wish we had gone to one of the Danish bakeries for coffee and breakfast instead. There’s always tomorrow.

After breakfast, I went back to the hotel to catch up on some blogging(I am way behind), while RH decided to roam around town and browse the shops. Boring.

She took along our backup camera(my old Canon S95. Love that camera.) and came back with these photos.

This is apparently now her favorite store in the whole world. This is a store that sells all sorts of novelty socks.

Yeah, she couldn’t stop raving about this place. In fact, I believe she says that her trip has been complete already after visiting this sock store.

The haul from the sock store.

That concludes all the photos from RH’s photo safari. Now, back to our normal programming.

When RH came back from her shopping, it was close to lunch time. OC had suggested that we visit a winery and bring a picnic lunch to eat while we do our wine tasting. Sounds like an excellent idea. RH went to a local deli to get some lunch for us to bring to the picnic.

Ready to go drink some wine and eat some food? You bet.

The winery that we are visiting is just a short 10 minutes drive out of town.

This Mazda 3 is such a joy to drive out here in these tight windy country roads.

We’ve arrived at the winery.

Perfectly manicured grounds.

Small and quaint.

RH took this photo.

$9 dollars a person for wine tasting. Sign me up!

The outdoor picnic area where we’ll be having our lunch.

Cheers! It’s so calm and beautiful out here. There also isn’t too many people, so everything feels very serene.

Ready to chow! I had a chicken salad sandwich, and RH had a curry chicken salad. Of course, we had some strawberries from yesterday, and some fudge that RH bought earlier today. As we finished each wine, we just went back inside to the tasting room, and they would refill our glass with the next wine on the list. Living the high life!!

This is just perfect. Feeling so relaxed and happy. Couldn’t have asked for more. OC, your recommendations have all turned out amazing! Thanks again!

Some fudge on the strawberry.

So good, so full, so content. What an excellent meal in such an excellent setting. The wine was also good. We ended up buying a bottle of dessert wine to bring back with us to Austin.

Took this photo of the grapes on the wine from the parking lot.

Time to head back in town. We decided to drive to only one winery, and then visit a tasting room in town afterwards.

Back in town, in search of a tasting room. There are many tasting rooms in town. We could have done more research to find out which ones are good, but instead we decided to just walk around and walk into whatever which one we feel like.

They’ve got a dog on the wall, good enough. All their wines are named after rescue animals.

Can’t say that we really enjoyed their wine very much(we didn’t buy any), but it was still fun. It’s time to head back to the hotel, so I can catch up on blogging a little(still way way way behind), and then start getting ready for the wedding. There is a shuttle that will pick us up from our hotel to take us to the venue at 4:30PM.

On the walk back to hotel, we passed the place where RH got our lunch. It looks like a nice place.

Danish pastry shop. We may try this place for breakfast and coffee tomorrow morning.

Candy shop.

It’s time to get ready for the wedding.

We look pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

Onto the shuttle to take us to the venue, which is at a winery. It’s nice to not have to drive to and back from the wedding, especially the back part. This means I get to partake in the drinking as much as I want. Though, I don’t think I’ll get too crazy, since I’ve got to get up tomorrow morning and drive.

Reached the wedding venue.

We arrived to catch the wedding party take photos. It’s pretty hot actually, so I bet they are all sweating in their suits.

All the guests were ushered to the ceremony area for some champagne. Well, they had the choices of fruit infused water or champagne. I, of course, picked champagne.


Refill, please.

RH took this selfie.

DM, who I met during the bachelor party, and was also my roommate. He’s playing some sort of Northern European fiddle(I forgot the exact name, but it had extra strings that would resonate.) while all the guests arrive.

The reception area.

Ceremony is about to start. It’s so hot I had to start drinking some of the infused water to stay hydrated.

Remember these cuff links? Refer to Mexico City travel blog if you don’t.

Here comes RS, looking very sharp.

Here comes the flower girl. I believe she is RS’s niece.

Ohh Ohh Ohhhh…

Doh!! She falls flat into the grass and everyone starts laughing. It was very cute. She just kind of laid there and waited to be picked up.

There there…

Hahaha. She falls again, and everyone laughs again. So very cute. Little girls are the cutest.

Here comes the beautiful bride, AP.

Can’t cry! The makeup will smear!

Ceremony starts.

Working hard. I thought it was funny though.

They did some sort of old school European ceremony where they actually had a ribbon and had it wrapped around their hands. Supposedly, this is where the term tie the knot comes from.

Saying their vows.

You may kiss the bride!!

The newly minted Mr. and Mrs. S!!!

To be continued at Cali Coast Day 2 Part 2.

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