French Riviera Day 3, Monaco Part 3

Continued from French Riviera Day 3, Monaco Part 2.

I had walked all day already so I decided to take a bus to my next destination.

What do you know, the bus pulled up the exact moment I arrived at the stop. I love Monaco.

All buses should have this. A display that tells you what stops are coming up and how far you are away from it.

Not a good look lady. Don’t put huge shield style sunglasses over your normal glasses.

Bus dropped me off at the front doors of Jardin Exotique de Monaco, a cacti and succulents garden.

The garden is situation high up on the mountain side overlooking the city and the ocean.

Fontvieille seen from the garden. The garden is nice, but I mostly came here for the great view that it provides.

In Monaco, their football(soccer) stadium comes with tiled roof. Opulence baby.

Interesting…random sculpture in the garden. I think it’s more of a mold than a sculpture though. Inspired by Cynthia Plaster Caster?

The walk through the garden starts at the top, then winds down through these steep switchbacks along the mountain side.

They looked like grapes.

Looks like a regular tree.

Until you look up and you realize that it’s a giant cactus. Never seen one quite like this.

Death grip. Did I mention that I am not a fan of heights?

Monaco-Ville on top of The Rock. So picturesque.

I had a fun full day here in Monaco. If Oktoberfest was one highlight of this trip, Monaco would be the other one for me. The F1 track, the aquarium, and the amazing views!

While walking back to the train station I saw about 8 Porsche 911s all driving together. They were all from Germany. Probably a Porsche club drive.

Interesting looking house.

They had these signs all over town telling you how many spots are left in each of the parking garages around town. As high density as the city is, I did not see many pedestrians on the streets even though the city is very pedestrian friendly. Monaco was car friendly as well as traffic was very free flowing the whole time I was here. They just have it all over here.

The multiple levels of the train station.

Train station cut away view. 13 levels of parking!

I spent some time updating this blog after getting back to Nice from Monaco. Then it was time for dinner.

I bet the food sucks.

My hotel had recommended one restaurant a block away. I walked around, couldn’t find it. Came back to the lobby and asked again, they looked up the info on the computer and found out that it was closed on Monday night. Then they recommended this place above, and when I showed up, it too was closed. Boo. 0-2. Damn you lay back French always not working.

I found this Kebab place around the corner. At least the Turks are hard working people. Love Kebabs. I am going to eat at the Kebab place in Austin when I get back in town!!

The view during dinner.


Chicken meat, stuffed eggplant, Kronenbourg 1664(Used to drink this in Paris), etc. So good! I love cheap good food. Well, cheap is relative. It was still 24 Euros which is over 35 dollars!

To be continued at French Riviera Day 4, Nice.

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