London Day 3 Part 2

Continued from London Day 3 Part 1.

20min later Uber dropped us off right at the front gates of Kew Garden.

But first, lunch inside a cafe inside Kew Garden.

We got a choice table by the window.

Cool clear pot.

I got the afternoon tea, felt like it was proper being here in UK.

Now, exploring the grounds of this giant garden.

I made a comment to RL about how I was sorry things weren’t in bloom for her to see, to which she replied, “that’s ok. If there were leaves and things then you couldn’t see these…sticks.” And then we both laughed really hard. All joking aside, RL said that the fact that this garden is still so impressive during winter time means it a really amazing garden.

The greenhouse is the Palm House, it contains palms and more palms.

The diversity of palms contained here was pretty awesome.

OK, not a palm, but still a cool bamboo.

You can climb a staircase to the top and do more viewing from up high.

Shrimp plant! This is a native to Texas (and I’m sure, other places)!

Love plants with giant leaves.

Air roots!

RL and I both liked the texture on this plant.


Seriously, really beautiful garden grounds.

Here’s the next green house. This one is even bigger than the palm house.



RL loves taking photos of flowers.

Manual cranks and gears to open the windows up high in the green house. It’s pretty cold today in the low 50s and high 40s, so all the windows were closed. It’s nice and warm here inside the green houses since they have the heaters turned on inside.


When RL saw this she exclaimed, “I grew this! I also killed it with neglect.”

KL points.


The wind storm did some damage here too. Surprised there were no broken windows in the green houses.

This is the water lilly pond…but in the winter it’s just a pond.

Quite the nice calm stroll through the garden. Our feet are starting to ache though from the cumulative walking that we’ve done over the past few days.

Scary movie tree.

More fallen trees.

We wanted to do the tree top walk, but they were closed by the time we got there. A lot of things close here in the UK at like 3:30 or 4:30pm.

The garden is right beneath the flight path so the whole time airplanes kept on flying over us.

After lots of walking, it’s now time to head back. We really enjoyed Kew Gardens but we are tired, and it’s after 4pm and we don’t want to get on the subway too much later and run into everyone getting off work.


This is just a quiet street with homes, all of which look almost identical, probably due to code or HOA or whatnot. But these seemingly plain looking homes must be really expensive because some houses have really nice cars. These trees are also super cool looking.

Like this house with a McLaren 570s. It’s also odd because some houses will have really nice cars, and the next house over would have a really cheap normal car like a VW Golf.

A quaint station, really.

This platform was serves trains that are overground and also underground. Our underground train was supposed to come, but then a different train came in that wasn’t the right one. We were a little confused, and thought that may our train would come next. Nope, a few minutes later the board showed that it had been cancelled.

After waiting maybe 10 more min, a train did finally come for us.

After a long 40min ride, we were finally at destination at the tube station close to our hotel.

RL finds a Starbucks and went in to ask if they had iced coffee, they do. We haven’t been able to find another coffee shop that sells iced coffee because they said it was, “out of season”. That’s odd…I don’t see hot coffee being out of season during summer time.

More nice cars parallel parked in London.

Did have to pick up this at a store by hotel to replace my broken cord. How annoying, I’ve got spares at home just sitting there. Also weird that the USB C version was half the price of the USB A.

Some resting and blogging until dinner time.

Alright, it’s time for dinner. This is the dinner spot that we were supposed to eat at with our old neighbors, look at that line!! There were no other restaurants around with a line this long. We are going to try to eat at this place for lunch or something, maybe there wont be as long of lines.

We very casually, and without much research, picked a place around the corner from where we were supposed to have meet up with our old neighbors.

Looks nice.

Opened up the drinks menu and there was nothing in it…this would foreshadow our dinner here.

This restaurant was very mediocre and when we looked more closely at the menu, we realized that it was like the TGIFriday equivalent restaurant here in the UK. The food got the job done, but barely. My fish pie was 95% mashed potato and 5% fish. Oh well.

To be continued at London Day 4 Part 1.