Who is reading this?

I’ve gotten close to 900 hits already in the 6 days that I’ve been on the road. That rate is magnitudes higher than my other travel diaries. I wonder who’s been reading the blog because I don’t know that many people. You can leave me a comment to let me know you’ve been reading, I am curious.

9 thoughts on “Who is reading this?

  1. found this page while doing some research about India travel and been hooked to this style of blogging not seen anywhere else, too bad the rest of the trips are locked.

    • Kevin, glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog! I too wish that more people would travel blog in this style, but I think it’s just too time consuming for most people. I’d be interested to know if you find other travel blogs in this style.

      I’ve locked some of the trips for personal reasons, but everything from Europe 2011 onwards(except for Marfa) is open to public.

      Where are you headed to in India?

      • to be honest, I kept on reading the blog because I felt we have similar background, born in Taiwan, raised/educated here in US and has a thing for travel/food/drinking and german cars.

        it was actually my wife’s idea to go to India, she’s the more adventurous type considering we went to Egypt for our first trip as a couple so naturally Taj Mahal is on our must visit list!

        I then told her to read your India report and if it’s still something she wants to do, we’ll plan it as one of our future trip, but for me, I think reading your blog was enough to experience the full Indian experience..

        After reading the Europe 2011, it brought back some good memories from our anniversary trip to Italy as we were in almost the exact same spot couple times! needless to say, I’m a fan here, so please keep on blogging…


  2. I’m checking in because I’m Rachael’s cousin, and Aunt Debbie said on Facebook that we should check your blog and enjoy the travel posts — no pressure!! 🙂

  3. I’ve been having a poke around – came across one of your photos in a random search for something or other, and had a general browse. You have some great shots in there – good commentary, too.

  4. Hello hello, I’m reading! I was just searching for information about Varanasi (literally full of shit! hahaha) and stumbled upon your travel blog about it and I got hooked. I really enjoy your blogging style and all the commentary, specially about food. Greetings from Brazil (you need to travel to South America btw!)

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